Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday Morning News Wiped From The Slate

A reader emailed asking me why there was no newscast this past Saturday on CBS-3? I was not able to get an answer. However, according to an update posted on Laura Nachman's website--CBS-3 has confirmed they've eliminated the Saturday morning newscast "to concentrate on other resources such as the upcoming weekday newscasts on Philly 57". Sounds more like a cutback to me...since not only are the on-air talent on the payroll but also cameras, audio, etc. What a shame...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A 3rd 10 p.m. Newscast

As you may have seen in the headlines this week--CBS-3 have plans up their sleeve to expand on their news by adding a 10 p.m. broadcast to compete with PHL 17's "My PHL News at Ten" and "Fox 29 News at Ten".
CBS-3 confirms the new 30 minute newscast, "Eyewitness News at Ten on CW Philly 57" debuts Monday February 2nd. It will be anchored by new-hire/former FOX 29 anchor, David Huddleston.
I've read from industry message boards things like "oh no, not him again..." to "good decision!" to "jeez--he looks like the gingerbread man, I'm not watching him".
Let's see how this flushes out and whose ratings get hit by this third entry into the 10 o'clock news war.