Saturday, October 30, 2010


Malvern based "Tango Traffic" has announced a partnership with WPHL-TV to begin a 24/7 traffic channel on WPHL's digital channel 17.4 beginning January 1st. “Now, for the first time, they can watch live local traffic reports on TV 24/7. They will also have the ability to personalize their commuter experiences by designating their favorite routes and streaming those route reports to their computers or mobile devices", said Tim Chambers, CEO of Tango Traffic.
Tango Traffic is the fourth traffic service in Philadelphia behind Metro Networks, Traffic Pulse and Clear Channel's Total Traffic. Tango Traffic is holding interviews November 14th at the WPHL studios for on-air hosts and producers. Read more about this venture HERE.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pet Peeve

Watching the coverage of the torrential rain that hit our area earlier today rejuvenated a pet peeve of mine. Reporters who feel they must stand in deep water in order to convey "the whole story". If you stop and think about it, it's downright stupid...needless to say insulting to the viewer's intelligence. But time after time, flood after flood, reporters continue to report their story in knee-deep water. I'll never forget a few years back when ex CBS-3 anchor, Larry Mendte, was doing a live shot from floodwaters while walking and talking and slipped and fell into the water. CLASSIC!
It reminds me of every hurricane report we see of reporters foolishly standing in whipping 80 mph winds to tell "the whole story". Don't they realize all it takes is a nice sized tree branch, a piece of lumber -- or -- better yet...a washing machine (LOL) come whizzing into their live shot and directly into their head? I guarantee, it will happen one day and then News Directors will rethink their ways.