Saturday, January 30, 2010


I cannot help but scratch my head over today's snow event, an event that wasn't really called for by the local forecasts. Well, not until last night when they all began to reconsider their forecast. For example, Channel 6's "AccuWeather" said no more than flurries at most for the city south into Delaware county. By the 11 p.m. Friday forecast, Cecily Tynan said we could see "a coating to 2 inches" and on Saturday morning's forecast by Melissa Magee the call was for "a coating to one inch" at most. Channel 10's Hurricane Schwartz said on Thursday "nadda, none, nothing". By 1 o'clock today the snow was falling in parts of Chester county and by 2 p.m., in Montgomery county. I was on the Schuylkill expressway driving from King of Prussia to Center City at about 2:30 p.m. and it was coming down fast and furious and the roads were icing fast.
What puzzles me is how, in this day and age with all the super mega color pinpoint fast-track weather dopplers, can a forecast seem so outta whack! The only one who came the closest was former FOX29's Rob Guarino's weather site MYWEATHERLIVE.COM All week long, Guarino and his team of meteorologists followed this storm across the country backing off on the liklihood it would hit our area with a foot of snow as originally thought. However, all the way up until today, they kept with the strong liklihood that the storm's water vapor would allow it to move more north than the local weatherfolk were predicting. Sure enough, it happened! By 7 p.m. Atlantic City got 6 inches and Philadelphia International 2". Too bad Guarino isn't onboard on our local airwaves! Channels 3, 6, 10 and 29 should take their dopplar radars and toss 'em in the garbage!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sad News To Report...

I've learned from Facebook that former WCAU-TV anchor, Ken Matz, died Saturday January 23rd after a battle with cancer. His son, Justin, posted the announcement Saturday night: "My father, Ken Matz, passed away on January 23 after a long fight against cancer. He fought a long, hard fight and died with his wife, Deb. I miss him very much."
Bloggers who knew or worked with Ken were fast to respond...Richard posted his thoughts, "Ken gave me my first job in broadcasting at WIBG in 1971, and remained a strong influence in my life for decades. I could not have asked for a better or kinder mentor. I miss you, Ken". Matz began his career in radio at WRAW in Reading, PA in 1964. After several years, he went on to Harrisburg from 1966 to 1969 as "Gary Smith". He returned to his native Philadelphia in 1969 where he worked at Top 40 station WIBG Radio 99 until 1976. WXTU personality, Leigh Richards posted her heartfelt thoughts: "We're so sorry to hear this sad news. Your father was a great guy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all his loved ones".
Matz later worked at KYW newsradio in 1976 after leaving WIBG, then on to a few other stations before landing on his feet in television at channel 6 in Miami, FL where he worked from 1990 to 1992. When Larry Kane jumped ship from WCAU to KYW-TV in 1992 it made room for Matz...who came back to Philadelphia and eventually co-anchored with Jane Robelot. Robelot later went on to the CBS Morning News and Matz was paired with Renee Chenault where he remained until his departure in 1998 back to Florida to enjoy retirement with his wife, Deb.
My condolences go out to the Matz family.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Channel 6 Buzz...

Word from Marni Hall is that Channel 6 management is trying to rid a certain older, more established reporter from the payroll by moving her to different shifts in an attempt she quits. Newsroom sources tell me who it is but I'll leave it to you to guess who YOU think it is. It's not too hard to figure out.
Also, I hear John Rawlins will be off the air by May because management has decided not to renew his contract.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Malpass--Don Lancer Hits It On The Head!!

I was just perusing the web and decided to check in on Don Lancer's blog and boy am I glad I did! I'd like to share...a post where he remarks about Channel 6's Monica Malpass. He hit it on the head and said what I've been thinking for years! Maybe Malpass might think about taking his advice!! Check it out HERE...
I've never been a favorite of Malpass and find her more annoying the longer she's on-air. She's as phony as they come having met her personally and worked with her for a period of time a few years back. She condascending and stuck a few notches above the rest of us common folk, to be honest. I would've thought after being a mother the past nine years she may have come down a few pegs but, no cigar.

FOX 29 "Weather Authority"?

Has anyone else noticed that FOX-29 now brands themselves as "The Weather Authority"? I noticed just the other night when I decided to tune in for a spell to see what might be new. I don't watch regularly because I cannot stand Kerri Lee Halkett's delivery and voice.
It seems like FOX-29 continues finding themselves in an identity crisis. First, they were "The Winter Weather Station" a few years back followed by "Big Picture Weather", then "THE Weather Station"...and now "The Weather Authority". Nothing new in the actual weather presentation. No new graphics, no new radars, just simply "The Weather Authority".
I cannot help but wonder what exactly makes Bolaris and FOX-29 "The Weather Authority" anyway? I don't find them to be nearly as accurate or reliable as when Rob Guarino presided during their time as "The Winter Weather Station" and "Big Picture Weather".
Guarino, as you may know, was let go from FOX to make room for Bolaris -- and headed to Albuquerque to call weather. He has returned to the area to be closer to an ill father and to be with his children again. Guarino has found success as co-owner of so check it out.

Friday, January 8, 2010

...More FOX-29 Notes

According to newsroom scuttlebutt which can be just that...or sometimes--dependable information, this is the beginning of the end for FOX-29's Sue Serio. Newcomer Sally Ann Mosey has been slated a seat on "Good Day Philadelphia" during the 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. portion. This relegates Sue Serio to contributing from the field during that timeframe and in the studio for only the first two hours of the show.
While watching the show this morning, I could not believe my ears during a live shot by Shaunette Wilson who was reporting from Claymont Delaware. When Mike Jerrick introduced her, she responded with "where am I Mike?"--he reminded her she was in Claymont. Her response was something to the effect of being tired. Continued "excellent reporting" by FOX 29! Wow, she must have been very tired not to know that she was standing in a Home Depot parking lot off Naaman's Road in Claymont Delaware!