Thursday, January 21, 2010

FOX 29 "Weather Authority"?

Has anyone else noticed that FOX-29 now brands themselves as "The Weather Authority"? I noticed just the other night when I decided to tune in for a spell to see what might be new. I don't watch regularly because I cannot stand Kerri Lee Halkett's delivery and voice.
It seems like FOX-29 continues finding themselves in an identity crisis. First, they were "The Winter Weather Station" a few years back followed by "Big Picture Weather", then "THE Weather Station"...and now "The Weather Authority". Nothing new in the actual weather presentation. No new graphics, no new radars, just simply "The Weather Authority".
I cannot help but wonder what exactly makes Bolaris and FOX-29 "The Weather Authority" anyway? I don't find them to be nearly as accurate or reliable as when Rob Guarino presided during their time as "The Winter Weather Station" and "Big Picture Weather".
Guarino, as you may know, was let go from FOX to make room for Bolaris -- and headed to Albuquerque to call weather. He has returned to the area to be closer to an ill father and to be with his children again. Guarino has found success as co-owner of so check it out.


Anonymous said...

Bolaris needs to go, the guy is a joke and insult to the business. I hope Rob finds a gig here, he's good and knows his stuff. Ditch Bolaris fox!

Anonymous said...

This oughtta be laughable. As I read your post, two down...(Keeley one man band) you said one Saturday night they didn't even have anyone doing the weather! So, THE WEATHER AUTHORITY is going to do newscasts with the anchor just reading the forecast...this is going to be a real joke. the way fox 29 does everything, half assed.

CityWide Weather said...

They brand themselves that way to go along with other FOX local affiliates. It makes them seem more like a company.