Monday, November 8, 2010

"Philadelphia NonStop"

I wrote about the new digital channel being developed by NBC10 back in late July and the new station, PHILADELPHIA NONSTOP, debuted not long ago. I finally had the chance this past weekend to check it out and I must say, I like it!
Justin Pizzi hosts "The Scene" which is a look at the Philadelphia area's hottest things to do, places to go, etc. Another show I caught, hosted by Glenn Schwartz, was "Inside the Vault" where each show re-airs a show from the Channel 10 archives..maybe PIXANN or a newscast from yesteryear. I caught the 11 week show "LIVE on City Line" hosted by Matt Lauer and Sheila Allen Stephens. It was the show's last airing--boy--has Matt Lauer come a long way since those days so long ago.
The channel also airs a weeknight 7 p.m. newscast which I have not had the chance yet to watch, but, gives viewers a chance to catch the local news after the normal "dinner hour".
If you haven't checked it out--do so, at WCAU's digital 10.2 over the air or on Verizon or Comcast's systems.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

UNBELIEVABLE Outcome of Wrong-Way Driver Story...

(Image courtesy of Tim Fleming & WPVI-TV) Eighty-six year old Margaret Lazor of Wilmington DE has been identified as the person behind the wheel last week, driving east in the westbound lanes of Rt 322 in Delaware county, then north along I-95 in the SOUTHBOUND lanes. Her actions caused four accidents along the way that could have been much worse and even been deadly. The incident was captured on video by a New Jersey man driving alongside her in the proper direction. (See the video HERE)
Pennsylvania State Police have cited Lazor for driving the wrong way on two highways and have required she be retested by the Motor Vehicle Division in order to get her driver's license back. If she passes, Lazor can once again drive our area highways! Because there was no criminal intent police were unable to charge her with anything else. If she pleads guilty to the charges she simply pays the fine she'll get in her mailbox and that will be the end of it. WPVI-TV reported that her neighbors say she is a "nice lady" and keeps to herself. One neighbor told reporter, David Murphy, that she felt bad for Lazor and was happy the story turned out for her the way it did.
Police report that Lazor "became confused" while driving and they were unable to confirm where she entered Rt 322 and exited I-95.
Is it just me or is this an outrage? What about the damages and costs involved in the four accidents she caused? What if it were you, me or one of your loved ones who may have gone head-on into her and been killed? I cannot believe this woman could possibly be back on our roadways sometime soon! It boggles my mind...