Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ever wonder whatever happened to former KYW-TV weatherguy David Rogers? David left Philadelphia in the early 90's after six and a half years as Chief Meteoroligist at KYW. He went on to Cleveland's WKYC-TV after his contract here was not renewed and later grabbed a better offer from New York's WCBS-TV where he was the main weeknight weatherguy there in the mid 90's.

In March 2004, you may recall, Rogers pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated vehicular assault after he acknowledged he hit two construction workers on a Cleveland OH interstate in the wee hours of the summer of 2003 after losing control of his SUV. Both workers were injured, one critically. Rogers fled the scene--leaving both men laying on the ground. He refused a breathalyzer but admitted driving drunk according to Rogers was working at WCBS at the time of the incident and was pulled off the air as a result.

Rogers is now at Charlottesville Virginia station, WVIR-TV (NBC 29) where he serves as morning weekend meterologist, a BIG DROP from market #1 to market #178. He is a Philadelphia native, is married and has one son and one daughter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Speaking of Metro Traffic...

The announcers and producers at Metro Traffic (a division of Westwood One) recently voted to become a part of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Metro Traffic, also known as "Shadow Traffic", came to Philadelphia almost twenty years ago and has a presence in major cities across the country supplying news, weather and traffic information to television and radio stations as well as web clients. AFTRA in Philadelphia represents members from KYW radio, WMMR, WIP, WIOQ, KYW-TV and WCAU-TV.

According to the July 2008 issue of Philadelphia Sessions, AFTRA's newsletter, Metro Traffic staff had various reasons for voting to go union. An article in "Sessions" states that concerns over work loads, quality of product, lack of merit increases and the deterioration of company equipment as just a few concerns. Additionally, better training for new hires and employee safety were also strong concerns voiced by employees. KYW morning traffic anchor, Sam Clover, is cited as saying "regular cutbacks and lack of effective maintenance of crucial resources for basic traffic information gathering have seriously strained and diminished our ability to accurately provide our stations the product they've come to demand". Apparently, the crew at Metro haven't been too proud of their product lately and have lost several stations recently to Traffic Pulse "offering a better product", according to the article. (Read both articles HERE as well as view several pictures of Metro Traffic staff, including Rod Carson and Sam Clover)

No Traffic Cams on FOX-29

Has anyone else noticed that you haven't seen any traffic cam shots during any of the traffic segments on FOX-29 in weeks? It's not your imagination. Several weeks ago the station ended its relationship with Metro Networks, the traffic service who provided them with their traffic data and access to the "metro cams" and penndot cameras. FOX used Metro Networks for the last nine years or so. FOX-29's traffic information now comes from the folks at Traffic Pulse, also known as "Traffic dot com". However, since the camera feed was cut by Metro Networks several weeks back, engineers have been unsuccessful in bringing in the new traffic camera feed out of Traffic Pulse's headquarters. Poor Dorothy only has her fancy graphics and smiley face to rely on for now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CBS-3's Robin Mackintosh signing off...

CBS-3 veteran, Robin Mackintosh, signs off tomorrow--July 30th--after more than 38 years of loyal service. Robin joined KYW-TV in 1970 after three years at KYW newsradio where he served as a news writer. His journalism career began in 1968 at the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin before transitioning into radio -- followed by television. Robin says goodbye tomorrow and I'm told we can expect the same classy send-off as was given for Marc Howard and Dick Sheeran's retirements.

So long DeMentri...

Not that you will get the "official word" from anyone at NBC-10 but those in the know say "bye bye DeMentri". Don't expect to see Vince DeMentri back on-air at 10 after an incident earlier this month knocked him off the air for good. DeMentri allegedly keyed the vehicle of morning anchor Lori Delgado over a squabble the two had. Lower Merion police were involved and later issued a statement that it was a non-issue. DeMentri joined WCAU August 11th 2003. Wow, we're only less than two weeks shy of "August 11th" too. DeMentri anchored the 10 p.m. "my phl news at ten" as well as the 5:00 newscast. It just recently was replaced by "All That & More" which moved from its 4 p.m. timeslot. Previsouly, DeMentri anchored in New York at WPIX and WCBS.

Godspeed Edie

NBC 10's Edie Huggins has died of cancer at the age of 72. Edie was a 42 year veteran of the station (pretty much unheard of today to survive at a station that long) and was one of the first African-American women to report on a television news broadcast in this market. She began her career as a features reporter in 1966 for "The Big News" with John Facenda. In the 70's she co-hosted "What's Happening" with Herb Clarke and several years later hosted her own one hour infotainment show, "Morningside". She is survived by a son and a daughter. Read the full story HERE -- along with other stories about her long career in Philadelphia.

Monday, July 28, 2008

FOX-29's Dorothy Krysiuk

Sources close to Traffic reporter, Dorothy Krysiuk over at FOX 29, say she is back in the single world again after giving marriage a fair shot. Observant viewers noticed several months ago that Krysiuk was no longer wearing her wedding ring.

What's with the phoney lashes?

Did anyone else watch Action News today (Mon 7/28) at 5:00 and see the everchanging Monica Malpass? She wore what obviously were false eyelashes today that looked pretty ridiculous. You may have noticed Malpass began lightening her hair about five to six weeks ago and just went one more shade lighter last week. NOW--the false eyelashes. Just wondering "what gives"?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 2 for DeMentri

We're in the midst of week two for the "MIA DeMentri" over at channel 10. DeMentri was due to return to his air shift Monday July 14th after a planned vacation the week prior. The 5 p.m. show came and went and "no DeMentri" ... same for the 10 p.m. "my phl 17 news at ten" that he co-anchors with Denise Nakano.

So, what gives? Has he been fired or suspended? There are alot of tight lips inside the newsroom and "no one really knows" is the word. His bio remains on the website. However, no mention has been made on any of the 10 p.m. shows as to his whereabouts. Denise Nakano anchors solo.

DeMentri was accused in early July of keying co-worker/morning anchor Lori Delgado's car. Lower Merion police investigated and issued a statement that it was "a non-issue".

Word is that DeMentri isn't easy to work with and often-times his ego gets in his way. He was suspended in '06 for a week following an altercation with Glenn Schwartz. While a reporter in the Big Apple, Mendte was arrested for impersonating a federal officer while gaining access to the World Trade center site in September 2001. That charge was later dropped.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ongoing "Mendte case..."

Unless you've been under a rock today -- everyone has been all over the new development in the Larry Mendte case. The U.S. attorney formally announced charges today in Philadelphia, charging Mendte with one count of intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization and thereby obtaining information in furtherance of a tortious act. You can read the entire story at

It does make one wonder WHY? Initially when this story came out Mendte's attorney simply said Mendte was cooperating fully...and never really stated whether he was or was not guilty of anything. Of course, one wouldn't expect anything less. However, I was surprised today to hear Mendte is expected to plead guilty to the charge. For some reason I thought he would go to his grave denying the charge, not that there was or was not anything in the media that stated this. It was just my impression at the time. WHY would someone of his stature and success go to such lengths to sabotage a colleague's reputation? If you think about it--it's pretty scary. Then there's his wife, Dawn Stensland at FOX-29. Imagine how she must feel having to face HER colleagues? Surely one would expect her to fully support her husband. I have to admit I was shocked Dawn was NOT absent from tonight's Fox 29 News at Ten broadcast! Wow, what kind of courage THAT had to have taken! This story led their newscast and was handled by Nefertiti Jaquez.
Kerri-Lee Halket tossed the big story and afterwards stated: "This coverage note now. Along with our committment to covering this story fair and balanced -- we also acknowledge that Mendte's wife, Dawn, is a very important part of our news team. From the beginning, Dawn has not taken a part in our reporting or coverage of this story and we completely support Dawn during this difficult time. She's a trusted co-worker and a very good friend".
If he's admitting guilt how does one forgive such a mean spirited act? Then, there's also his children. Quite the example to set for the two youngest. Reports today state he can get zero to six months in prison. I'll guess he will serve no time and instead pay a fine and serve time on probation is all. BUT, will any other television station ever hire him again? Would YOU want an employee who did such a thing as read a co-worker's email? Would you want that kind of liability on your payroll? Obviously we're all innocent until proven guilty and if this was YOUR loved one or YOUR family does one forgive? I'm simply posing questions. If it were my spouse the first thing that would come to MY mind would be counseling is needed first and foremost! A person who would be so jealous of another has serious psychological issues. Obviously, time will tell how this all plays out...Mendte is expected to turn himself in within the next two weeks.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Earlier days...for....

Dawn Stensland and Steve Keeley, both currently at FOX-29.
Check out this video of a promo from You Tube, courtesy of the "Director's Cut Blog with Frank Macek" from the mid-90's. Dawn was anchoring at Cleveland's WKYC-TV and Steve was a reporter. Dawn looks so much better with her hair shorter! Anyone else agree?
Dawn also did a segment called "3 on 3". You can see a promo HERE.
Then there's Steve--getting the top story on this night in July, 1993 from severe storms that hit the Cleveland area. He looks pretty much the same, a little younger--and a pretty full hairpiece. Check out the video HERE.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Ever wonder "whatever happened to....Jane Robelot", former anchor at WCAU in the early 90's? Jane is enjoying her post at WYFF-TV in her hometown of Greenville, SC these days. Jane left our city in 1995 and headed to New York to take the helm at CBS Morning News. The following year she was named co-anchor of "CBS This Morning" as it was called then. Jane is a contributing reporter and "anchor of periodic special programs and newscasts" on channel 4. Jane and her husband, Mario--a former commando--have a son. You can check out several videos of Jane relating her experiences at a national network, being a mom, her most embarrasing moment, how she spends her spare time and much more. Jane's bio page and videos are HERE...

Action News Adam Joseph

Have any of YOU corresponded with or met any local TV/radio types out and about?
I met Adam Joseph on a recent trip to the Jersey shore as he and his crew were preparing for their live shot on the 5 o'clock broadcast. He was down to earth and very nice. I even took several pictures as we chatted. I've posted one of the shots here.
I've emailed/corresponded with Larry Mendte, former CBS-3 anchor and FOX 29's Kerri-Lee Halket. Again, both down to earth types and appreciative of hearing thoughts, ideas and feedback.
Share YOUR experience...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The next station with a new set?

Channel 6 will most likely be the next station to debut a new set when they move to their new digs along Monument Road and City Avenue in Philadelphia late 2009. Check out this video------>HERE from KTNV-TV 13 Las Vegas, the ABC affiliate. Pretty nifty thinking in showing off their new HD digs and news set with a takeoff of ABC's popular Sunday show with Ty Pennington, "Extreme Makeover: Studio Edition". (If the link doesn't take you to the video page, go here...then type into the website's "search bar" -- EXTREME MAKEOVER: STUDIO EDITION)

Welcome Aboard...

This will be the place for tidbits, posts, thoughts and comments on the Philadelphia media scene..."PHILLYmediaWATCH" as we call it! WELCOME ABOARD! Let's get started.

*Former CBS-3 anchor Tom Negovan and current Chicago noon anchor of WGN News at Noon looses his anchor gig when the station expands the newscast to 90 minutes beginning at 11:30 a.m. -- and -- brings on new talent -- replacing Negovan. Now what would you think if Negovan were to return to Philadelphia to anchor alongside Angela Russell on the 4 p.m. broadcast?

*Dan Gross of The Philadelphia Daily News reports former CBS-3 reporter Brandy Bell is now working for doing video web reports.

*Vince DeMentri, anchor at NBC-10 continues to be missing from the newscasts. Local media reported last week about an incident that occurred at the station concerning a vehicle owned by morning anchor Lori Delgado being "keyed" and police investigating DeMentri concerning the incident. DeMentri was on a scheduled vacation last week and due to return Monday July15th--to no avail. On Tuesday's 10 p.m. "My PHL-17 News at Ten" broadcast--the newscast was missing co-anchor DeMentri and no mention made of his disappearance. Usually, if a co-anchor is out it will be made mention such as "Vince DeMentri is off tonight". No such reference was made. Does this mean DeMentri is on suspension or has been terminated? No one is talking at the station. Stay tuned.

*If you're a viewer of "FOX-29 News at Ten" you know that Kerri-Lee Halket has been the "sub" for the departed David Huddleston. There have been many who wonder if Kerri-Lee might not be the actual *replacement* for Huddleston as they phase out Dawn Stensland for the new co-anchor yet to be decided? Many also wonder if Stensland's days are numbered? Several weeks back, management met with a former South Florida well-known news anchor for the opening on the "ten o'clock". Could THAT be the actual open spot yet to be filled...i.e. the "Stensland seat" versus the "Huddleston seat"? Time will tell!

*In other Fox-29 news--look for the station to add a six o'clock and eleven o'clock newscast as early as January '09...later in '09 -- a weekend edition of "Good Day Philadelphia".

*Former Fox-29 anchor Rich Noonan continues to find success in his video production company (Rich Noonan Productions) in Alpharetta Georgia. Alpharetta is 25 miles northeast of Atlanta. Noonan has no intentions, at least anytime soon, to head back to an anchor chair of any television outlet.

*On July 13thAction News' consumer reporter Nydia Han (filling in for Rob Jennings) told viewers a little-known secret about weekday 5 p.m. anchor Rick Williams. Williams played the lead in the Moorestown NJ production of "The King & I". Check out the video here...Williams' is quite the talented actor and singer. His wife and child also played parts in the production as well.

*Rumors have circulated about a possible sale of NBC-10 by parent company G.E. Some say it would never happen in the fourth largest television market. Who one at G.E. or NBC-10 will confirm or deny. However, the Miami Herald reports the NBC-owned station -- WTVJ -- in Miami could very well be sold to the owner of WPLG--channel 10 (Post-Newsweek). And, the sale actually was sealed, as reported on WPLG's website. It's no secret G.E. has been on huge cost-cutting measures at all of its 13 owned stations, including here in Philadelphia at NBC-10. The station is the last to go HD in this market. Even Allentown's WFMZ broadcast "69 News" just recently debuted their HD newscasts! Personally, channel 10 should be embarrased!