Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ongoing "Mendte case..."

Unless you've been under a rock today -- everyone has been all over the new development in the Larry Mendte case. The U.S. attorney formally announced charges today in Philadelphia, charging Mendte with one count of intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization and thereby obtaining information in furtherance of a tortious act. You can read the entire story at

It does make one wonder WHY? Initially when this story came out Mendte's attorney simply said Mendte was cooperating fully...and never really stated whether he was or was not guilty of anything. Of course, one wouldn't expect anything less. However, I was surprised today to hear Mendte is expected to plead guilty to the charge. For some reason I thought he would go to his grave denying the charge, not that there was or was not anything in the media that stated this. It was just my impression at the time. WHY would someone of his stature and success go to such lengths to sabotage a colleague's reputation? If you think about it--it's pretty scary. Then there's his wife, Dawn Stensland at FOX-29. Imagine how she must feel having to face HER colleagues? Surely one would expect her to fully support her husband. I have to admit I was shocked Dawn was NOT absent from tonight's Fox 29 News at Ten broadcast! Wow, what kind of courage THAT had to have taken! This story led their newscast and was handled by Nefertiti Jaquez.
Kerri-Lee Halket tossed the big story and afterwards stated: "This coverage note now. Along with our committment to covering this story fair and balanced -- we also acknowledge that Mendte's wife, Dawn, is a very important part of our news team. From the beginning, Dawn has not taken a part in our reporting or coverage of this story and we completely support Dawn during this difficult time. She's a trusted co-worker and a very good friend".
If he's admitting guilt how does one forgive such a mean spirited act? Then, there's also his children. Quite the example to set for the two youngest. Reports today state he can get zero to six months in prison. I'll guess he will serve no time and instead pay a fine and serve time on probation is all. BUT, will any other television station ever hire him again? Would YOU want an employee who did such a thing as read a co-worker's email? Would you want that kind of liability on your payroll? Obviously we're all innocent until proven guilty and if this was YOUR loved one or YOUR family does one forgive? I'm simply posing questions. If it were my spouse the first thing that would come to MY mind would be counseling is needed first and foremost! A person who would be so jealous of another has serious psychological issues. Obviously, time will tell how this all plays out...Mendte is expected to turn himself in within the next two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is sick. How can someone be so obsessed in ruining someone? He was obviously CONSUMED by it. I hope he gets exactly what he deserves. Would Alycia's demise have occurred if it weren't for Mendte leaking personal information about her to the press?