Friday, July 18, 2008

Action News Adam Joseph

Have any of YOU corresponded with or met any local TV/radio types out and about?
I met Adam Joseph on a recent trip to the Jersey shore as he and his crew were preparing for their live shot on the 5 o'clock broadcast. He was down to earth and very nice. I even took several pictures as we chatted. I've posted one of the shots here.
I've emailed/corresponded with Larry Mendte, former CBS-3 anchor and FOX 29's Kerri-Lee Halket. Again, both down to earth types and appreciative of hearing thoughts, ideas and feedback.
Share YOUR experience...


Anonymous said...

I met Monica Malpass once and just the opposite. What a stuck-up, rude woman!

Nicole said...

I met Adam last year at the 6abc food drive kick off. I agree he was one of the nicest guys around.

I also just met Matt Pellman at Musikfest the other day, and he too was down to earth, and really appreciative of people watching traffic.

Anonymous said...

Sara Bloomquist came into the Superfresh store I worked at a few years ago, and completely ignored me twice when I said hello to her. Very rude, and I know she intentionally ignored me and another co-worker. Very nasty, very different in real life than on TV.