Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Coverage

I caught FOX 29's News at Ten tonight (Sunday) and was impressed to see they sent John Bolaris to Louisiana to cover Hurrican Gustav's landfall which should be Monday late morning to early afternoon.
Channel 6 also sent Nydia Han . Both were stationed in Morgan City Louisiana which is southwest of New Orleans and is predicted to be pretty close to the "direct hit" of Gustav. Nydia's live report was pretty quick as she spoke of being under a tornado watch while John Bolaris led the newscast. He was followed by John Krasting with a detailed look at Gustav's progress on Ultimate HD Doppler. Bolaris went live again at 10:30 interviewing a man who decided he and his family were staying put.
A website promoted on is a website hosting the New Orleans and Houston stations covering Gustav in one central web location. You will find the CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX affiliates' coverage housed on this site as well as FOX hurricane tracker and other stations. Check out LIVENEWSCAMERAS.COM here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Mendte Story

In yesterday's Philadelphia Daily News, Dan Gross reported about Larry Mendte and his "Summer Apology Tour" this past Sunday. Mendte spoke at a fundraiser for the Irish community in Mt. Airy to save Sunday Irish radio shows also attended by wife, Dawn Stensland. READ THE STORY HERE. During Mendte's speaking engagement he once again asked for forgiveness and getting a "rousing hand" from those in attendance.
Additionally, Gross also reports that the relationship between John Bolaris and Dawn Stensland at FOX are a bit tense these days. Apparently, Bolaris and Alycia Lane are buddies. Bolaris has lobbied management to consider hiring Lane as an anchor at FOX! Is THAT a slap in the face to Stensland? (even I feel the sting on that one...) Can you imagine Stensland having to co-anchor a seat next to Lane? Bolaris is the same person who, at one time, was friends with Stensland and Mendte and celebrated the birth of their son. He was also instrumental in connecting Lane's attorney, Paul Rosen, with reporter Dave Schratwieser for his live interview Friday on the 5 o'clock cast. READ THE DAN GROSS STORY HERE and LAURA NACHMAN'S STORY HERE. This was the interview where Rosen slammed Mendte calling him "a sick man". You might remember, when this story broke, Bolaris was quoted in the newspaper as basically saying Mendte should get what he deserves.
I revisit this story because of the enormity of the act Mendte committed as a co-worker, as a husband and as a father.
Think about it. Put yourself into this picture for a moment. Think of a person in YOUR life you trust implicitely. Someone you would trust to leave your open wallet or purse, your unopened mail in their presence. Then, you hear the news that that person premeditated a plan to purchase a keystroke piece of hardware to access (spy) on someone's email and personal conversations with friends, family, attorneys, etc. NOW THINK--how would you digest this? How would you forgive?
Mendte says he did what he did because Lane was "undermining him" and he felt his career and family were in danger. Add to the mix the "improper relationship" Mendte admitted. There's still something about his motive that doesn't add up to equate to his end result of accessing Lane's email over 7,000 times at all hours of the day and in various locations including his office, his home and his shore home. This goes to the level of obsession. And even after Lane was fired from CBS-3 he continued to access her email 500 more times!
As I look at the story as we know it I think about how Stensland can accept and forgive the "improper relationship", the betrayal, the humiliation when Mendte was arrested. How difficult this this have been since that News Years eve 2005 when she confronted Mendte and he admitted his relationship with Lane which was a bit more than a co-worker type friendship? Then, fast forward thirty-two months later only for Stensland to have to relive this again. If she has truly forgiven her husband I have to hand it to her.
Personally, I think the man should serve some jail time for his actions. Not only did he illegally commit a felony by tapping into Lane's email, he also broke the attorney/client relations between she and Rosen. If that's not enough he also contributed to the termination of Lane and her career! As I've said before, yes--Lane's own actions contributed to her consequence, mainly; the incident in New York of slapping a police officer and calling Governor Rendell on her way back home to "tell her side of the story". She denied ever actually asking for his help. Rendell also stated she did not ask for his help. Nevertheless, she overstepped the boundries of every journalist at that point. CBS-3 was justified in her firing in my opinion. However, Mendte's actions also contributed highly to Lane's outcome.
How does one put a dollar figure on Mendte's actions or a jail term? It takes alot of arrogance, in my opinion, to tap into someone's personal life as he did. A complete mistrust of the co-worker relationship to say the least! All the "asking for forgiveness" in the world does not erase what he did.
It amazes me in reading some of the TV industry blogs and boards out there from those who basically say "Larry didn't do anything Lane didn't do herself" and who rally for Larry to once again return to the airwaves. One poster even said "give it a few months to die down and you'll see Mendte back on air. Game shows and reality shows are always eager for someone of his talent". Where are people's heads?
Lastly, what has this debacle done for channel 3? Notice that in the last month or so they've been airing their "you can trust us" promos with Ukee Washington and Susan Barnett proclaiming how they take that trust seriously and they are the ones to turn to..."the people of CBS3 you can trust". Coincidental? Highly doubtful. I would suspect the average viewer doesn't really care but there is a fair share out there who follow this type story and very well could feel their trust factor with channel 3 has been severed. Who knows whether Chris May will be Larry's permanent replacement. Who knows if Ukee Washington's killer schedule this week -- and next -- is possibly an informal rehearsal of sorts for the main anchor chair? He's not only doing his normal 5 - 7 a.m. newscast but also the 4, 6 and 11 p.m. as well! When does the guy sleep? It is obvious they need someone to cover with May covering the conventions and with their trust factor in jeapordy they need to put a recognizable face in that chair. Now is not the time for throwing in an experienced anchor or a reporter into the primo weekday slots. Who eventually becomes channel 3's main talent remains to be seen for now.
Mendte is sentenced in late November and we'll see how the final chapter to this story plays out.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Vince DeMentri Hitting the Pavement

Former NBC-10 anchor, Vince DeMentri, is hitting the pavement looking for another position as reported today on "Philly TV and Radio" by Laura Nachman.
I reported July 29th that DeMentri was "bye bye" and this confirms the information given me then. DeMentri has his video resume posted on Medialine. You can check it out here.
NBC-10 continues to confirm or deny DeMentri's termination with the old stand-by "we do not comment on personnel matters".

NBC 10 News Today Promos

Channel 10 has begun airing their own promos for NBC 10 News Today as well, centered around the fact that they've dumped the news crawl they aired for years--replacing it with a crawl of current traffic conditions.
One promo starts with an announcer saying "NBC 10 presents better ways to spend your precious time than waiting around for a traffic report. IDEA #4, make breakfast easy to digest"...cut to video of a guy in shirt and tie, putting a waffle, syrup and milk into a blender. The announcer comes back on and says "or, turn to NBC 10 News Todaybecause now your traffic reports are on-screen all morning long. No more waiting. So YOU won't have to resort to this!". Cut back to the video --and the guy is now drinking his waffle breakfast. "NBC 10 News Today, weekdays from 5 to 7 a.m."
There's another promo out there that focuses on Lori Delgado looking down and pointing out that the crawl across the lower third is now continuous traffic conditions. Bill Henley also chimes in as well.

The Last Word

FOX-29 began their promo campaign on this morning's "Good Day Philadelphia" for the debut of "The Last Word" next Monday September 1st at 11 p.m. The show will run Monday - Friday through November 3rd and will be anchored by Kerri-Lee Halkett. The 30 minute broadcast will concentrate on local, state and national political developments of the day. There will be some non-political stories as well as weather (from John Bolaris) and a sports segment. An online segment involving will encourage viewer participation.

Friday, August 22, 2008

NEW Mendte Developments!

Larry Mendte is holding a press conference as we speak here in Philadelphia to explain HIS actions behind WHY he tapped into co-anchor Alycia Lane's email. Keep in mind that in my post on 8/20, I stated that there were rumors of being MORE to this story and sure enough...there is. In the press conference, here's what Larry said: "For thirty years, I have reported stories here in Philadelphia and across the country, and, now, I have become one through no one’s fault but my own. My actions have hurt and disappointed my family, colleagues, friends, and viewers who trusted me, and for that, I am truly sorry. My family has been incredibly strong and supportive. You will notice, however, that Dawn is not here with me today at this podium. She wanted to be, but I asked her not to. Although the image of my loving wife standing by my side may have helped me, I think it would hurt her. She still has to anchor the news, which she has done with remarkable personal strength and grace right through this process. Having her here with me now would have pulled her directly into this intense media spotlight, and I will not do that to her. I have already done enough to her. Let me explain".
"This whole episode started five years ago when Alycia Lane came to Philadelphia", Larry said. Almost immediately, Dawn began hearing rumors that Larry and Alycia's relationship was "a little too close and to watch out".
The rumors were true, Mendte confessed. "Our relationship was improper, flirtatious and unprofessional. Dawn found proof of that relationship when she waited in my office on New Years Day 2005 and read emails that I had left out on my desk, emails between Alycia and me that confirmed her suspicions. Dawn confronted me with the emails. I told her the truth", he said.
Larry admitted their relationship was "a bit too close" (long dinners with Alycia, out late with Alycia and allowing her to put on her make-up in his office everday). He apologized to Dawn and told her he loved her. Larry then backed off from Alycia. The relationship that was once close quickly turned into a feud.
"Alycia Lane then became friends with others in the building, including the new General Manager. Suddenly, I had shows and responsibilities pulled away from me without explanation. The GM angrily confronted me one day and said that I was bad mouthing him. I was not. But, clearly, I was not on the list you want to be on with the new GM. I found proof that it was Alycia who was undermining me when I saw an email she sent to management that she left up on the computer she uses on the set. I then started looking at other emails with passwords I learned when Alycia asked me to help set up her work retirement account, a private stock account, and when she showed me personal emails. I did this without her permission, and it was wrong. I saw more emails bad mouthing me".
Larry confronted her, asked her to stop and she said she would not. He complained to management of this but felt they ignored him. His role was being diminished at the station. During an argument on-set, Alycia told him she was the "rising star", that "he was 50 and on his way out". THAT made the newspers.
"During a meeting the next day, the General Manager acknowledged that he had checked my contract and he really couldn’t move me. We were the fastest growing newscast in the country. We were winning local and national awards. And, my GM was checking my contract to see where he could move me? I felt I was in trouble. My career, my future, my family's future and this is where I got into more trouble, federal trouble".
He stated he used a "key catcher" available on the internet, began looking into all of Alycia's email accounts by illegally gaining access. He started seeing things of interest to the press and passed them along. He stated he wasn't the sole source on some things, not the only source on others. He admits it was wrong, tells us the motivation and makes no excuses for his behavior which he said is why today he plead guilty and has cooperated. He said he's offered to give speeches to colleges, corporations and community groups on internet security and "publicly makes that offer now". He went on to say his father used to say "that everybody serves a purpose in life if only as a bad example". "I am now an example who can help others. Many employees and students are cavalier about missuse of the internet and emails, they don't know that it is a federal crime and that you can and you will be prosecuted. I am now living proof of that. I know that pleading guilty and cooperating defies the new world order that teaches us to deny, deny, deny at all costs. Many people have told me, 'maybe they'll never find out the whole truth...with a good lawyer you might get away with it'. He said he has a good lawyer and "that's not the point". I just cannot do this to my family and allow this to drag on any more". "Most importantly I did it" he said. He said he often tells his children "if you don't take responsibility nothing will ever change. I am taking responsibility and I am seeking help to change", he said. He went on to say "I appologize to Alycia Lane for what I did and ask that this long mutually, self destructive fued now end. We both paid a high cost and others have been hurt as well. I am sorry to all. My wife also is owed apologies. I will forever be in Dawn’s debt for her forgiveness and her loyalty. I will work every day to deserve her love, and I love her more everyday. The rest of my family also has been strong and loyal for me during this time. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I want to apologize one more time to the viewers, the people who kept us on the air with their loyalty and their trust. I let you down. I hope the day will come when I will once again be worthy of your trust. I do want to stay here in Philadelphia. I realize that I may never anchor here again, but I love this city far too much to move. This is where I grew up; this is where I want to raise my children. I don’t want to take this city from them because of my mistakes.There is one last thing I would like to say. Many of you know I attended Catholic schools in the area. Confession is a big part of my faith. So is forgiveness. It is something we have all asked for at one time or another in our lives. I do so now, and, as always, I put my life in God’s hands. On the advice of counsel, I regret to say, I will not be taking any questions. Thank You".
So there it is, Larry Mendte's side of the story.

As Expected, Mendte Pleads Guilty

Larry Mendte, the former anchor at CBS-3, pleaded guilty today in federal court to one count of intentionally accessing the private email account of his former co-anchor Alycia Lane. READ THE FULL STORY
Michael Schwartz, Mendte's attorney, plans to hold a press conference at some point this afternoon in his Center City office.
Mendte's sentencing is scheduled for November 24th.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

48 Hours And Counting!

Former CBS-3 anchor, Larry Mendte, is expected to plead guilty this Friday to one felony count for allegedly accessing the email account of his former co-anchor, Alycia Lane, without her consent. Though sources say Mendte most likely will not serve time he most assuredly has at least temporarily ruined the career of Lane who has filed a lawsuit against her former employer as the result of being released from her contract at KYW-TV.
The fact that Mendte will plead guilty is little consolation to the fact that what he did goes deeper than just "accessing Lane's email more than 500 times". In the process, he leaked personal information about Lane to the gossip column reporters in newspaper-land. In that process, Lane's personal life became the news and contributed to her dismissal from KYW. Yes, Lane's actions in New York contributed greatly to her dismissal. She was arrested for slapping a police officer but later--those charges were dropped.
Unless Mendte explains HIS side of the story and WHY he did what he did, we'll never know. My question is, what gives a person the right to ruin another's career? Was Mendte THAT insecure in his own position at KYW? Was there MORE to this story than any of us know? Only Mendte knows that answer for sure, though; there are industry rumors that there is more to this story. Obviously, Mendte ruined his OWN career in the process, at least for now.
Those following the story have lots of opinions of their own as recently posted on's comment board. "Shame on you Larry, I hope it was all worth it", said one--while another said "He's a sick, disturbed man...sad little man". There are some out there who don't care what Larry did -- and say "...can't wait till he returns to the airwaves!". Others send their concern and well wishes to wife, Dawn Stensland, who anchors at FOX-29. Dawn apparently has been the tower of strength through this ordeal and has alot of support from her FOX-29 colleagues. However, one can only imagine how difficult it must have been these past months to hold her head high and get through the day. Obviously, everyone has an opinion on this story. We'll see how it pans out once Friday comes and goes as to what is Larry's payback through all of this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ever Wonder Whatever Happened to...

Ken Matz? Ken anchored WCAU-TV's 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts but actually began his career in radio as a jock and newscaster on WIBG from 1969 to 1976. He also spent a short stint at KYW newsradio before going on to a few other stations, followed by the television news route. He started at a station in Miami before coming back to Philadelphia in 1992 to replace the departing Larry Kane as anchor of "News 10". He co-anchored with Jane Robelot (watch a clip HERE of the anchor duo, courtesy of You Tube) until her departure to CBS then was paired with Renee Chenault (now Chenault-Fattah). Matz continued at WCAU until 1998. Larry Mendte, who arrived from "Access Hollywood" in September '97 to anchor the 11 p.m. and a new 4 o'clock newscast, eventually replaced Matz to also anchor the 6 p.m. show. Ken is now retired and resides in Florida doing an occasional voice-over and repairing his neighbors computers.

Monday, August 18, 2008

LIVE TV at its best!

You have to hand it to Dan Cuellar at Channel 6 for at least an "A" for he went LIVE during the newscast to interview an Indian couple who were residents of the Riverwalk apartment complex fire in Conshohocken last week. Check out this video courtesy of YOU TUBE and see how much YOU can understand? Of course, you have to have the ole TV news reporter question of "what went through your mind as your apartment burns?"....Watch the clip here

Friday, August 15, 2008

6ABC's Erica Grow

While surfing I came across Erica Grow's facebook homepage. Good stuff! Check it out HERE.

NEW Action News Mornings promos...

I just saw seven new promos for "Action News Mornings" that are cute. The first one shows Matt O'Donnell sitting at his desk with one of those homemade paper fortune teller "thingies" we all learned how to make in high school--when Karen Rogers and Tamala Edwards walk up behind him. Karen comments to Tamala, "He's been at it all morning". Tamala asks "at what?" and Karen replies "the fortune teller...".

"Hey Matt, you still trying to see if you're going to become a news anchor?", says Karen. Matt tosses the thing onto his desk as if he's been nabbed.

The voiceover then picks up with "Action News Mornings, getting back to school and getting YOU back to business..."

The second promo has David Murphy wrapping up one of his meteorology books in a brown paper cover at his desk (similiar to how many of us would do with our text books in high school) when Karen, at the next desk over, says "covering the meteorology books again Dave?". Murphy replies "yep, protection Karen--protecting the knowledge". At that point, he gives a tug on the scotch tape from his dispenser when all of a sudden--a foot of tape comes off the spool.

The voiceover picks up with "Action News mornings, getting back to school and getting YOU back to business..."

The others are also high school themed...very creative I must say!


On the same facebook page you can also watch other promos such as "Make a Date with Action News", a 10-minute inside look at the making of "JUST SIX MINUTES" as well as all eight "JUST SIX MINUTES" promos, the "there goes that Action News van" promos including a classic--when WPVI was initially WFIL-TV showing "the news jiloppy driving through the WFIL parking lot" as well as "action news van on Mars" promo.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Local Fire Brings out the Choppers

Yesterday's massive fire at the "Riverwalk at Millenium" complex, Conshohocken-Montgomery county, was a $51 million complex in the final stages of construction. The inferno (an 8-alarmer, though labeled as an "all points fire" by fire officials) was covered en-masse by the local affiliates and smoke could be seen along I-476, I-76 as well as streets and highways in the area causing headaches for drivers.
Chopper 3, Chopper 6, Chopper 10 and SkyFox (29) hovered overhead as the fire raged out of control during yesterday's rush hour. The heat was so intense (6,000 degrees according to a reported posted on it even melted some of the interior seats and outer plastic housing of fire trucks working the fire, 300 firefighters in all from four counties. PennDot even got in on the credit by providing stations with a live shot of the fire from a PennDot camera along the Schuylkill expressway in Conshohocken that was almost due south of the fire scene. The picture above was taken by a photographer and posted with a story on All the stations went to "breaking news" mode during their newscasts using a live Penndot shot of the out-of-control fire, initially. One by one, as stations could react, they went to live chopper shots over the fire followed by on-the-ground reports by reporters on-scene--Leslie Van Arsdall from CBS-3--Dan Cuellar and Chad Predelli from channel 6 to name a few. Channel 6 covered the fire non-stop as it became obvious the fire was going out-of-control and spreading to two nearby apartment complexes forcing evacuations of residents. CBS-3 broke into "Dr. Phil" with breaking developments using Chris May in the newsroom and Bob Kelly covering traffic. By 5:30, Chris May was back on the set (with Angella Russell subbing for the vacationing Susan Barnett) and the station continued LIVE with the story until the 6:30 network news. Channel 3 provided a LIVE update at 7 p.m. while Channel 6 did the same. Channels 10 and 29 stuck with normal programming from 6:30 p.m. until their late night newscasts. When all was said and done, 400 people are now left homeless. The wrecking ball arrived this morning to begin tearing down the two destroyed structures. Damage reports at this point is estimated at $10 million. Injuries have been reported to be two along with several pets who could not be rescued.

A Whole New "TV World" Come Feb. 2009

Although this isn't directly related to the PHL television scene--I read an interesting article in today's USA TODAY about the world of digital transmission. The article states come February 2009 when the law says stations can no longer transmit analog--and go all-digital, we will surely see some noticeable changes in those digital multi-cast channels out there on the local stations. For example, those digital stations on NBC10, 6ABC and WHYY. Executives at MGM's "This TV", "Retro Television Network", "The Variety Channel" and "Local Accu-Weather channel" among a few will take huge advantage of the all-digital age. Eventually, when all stations begin transmitting two, three, even four additional program channels on their digital tier--classics will hit the airwaves again like "The Lone Ranger", "McHale's Navy", and "I Married Joan" to name a few. There are tons and tons of old TV series, movies and variety shows out there just waiting for a new audience. READ THE ENTIRE STORY HERE -- USA TODAY.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"THE Paid Programming Station"

FOX-29 should now begin calling themselves "THE Paid Programming Station" and drop "THE Weather Station" moniker, immediately. During yesterday's early-afternoon severe weather Action News was the only station I saw who covered the tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings issued for the region. Several funnel clouds were spotted in South Jersey which prompted the tornado warning alert and Action News was still in the midst of its noon news broadcast. I flipped over to 29 several times over the next two hours only to see their paid programming continuing with not so much as a mention of the severe weather outside our window. What gives? I think I get it! I see a promo being written now--"FOX-29 is THE weather station in the Delaware Valley! You can depend on US like no-one else's business...if severe weather strikes weekdays between nine and five--WE'RE THERE! It's the power of our Ultimate Doppler which scans the skies weekdays from nine till five to tell YOU to beware! If severe weather strikes outside of those times and ANYTIME ON WEEKENDS...don't turn to us...turn to ACTION NEWS...FOX-29 is YOUR part-time WEATHER flop!"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ever Wonder Whatever Happened to

Dennis Woltering from WCAU-TV? Dennis was a reporter at the "then-owned" CBS station, WCAU's "News 10", from 1984 till 1994 covering stories from Africa to L.A., San Francisco and everywhere in between. However, his BIGGEST story was the confrontation between M.O.V.E. members and city police that resulted in police dropping a bomb from a helicopter that eventually burned the entire West Philadelphia block of sixty-one homes. Woltering was the reporter on the scene that day along with his cameraman and was the only station to capture the actual bomb drop and resulting fire. The footage was shown worldwide. Although Woltering had some exciting story coverage under his belt, his true passion was to return to his native New Orleans where he is today and where he began--WWL-TV. Woltering anchors the weeknight 5 & 6 p.m. newscasts.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Watching CBS-3 Ratings...

There's some interesting thoughts out there on the internet about the current Eyewitness News anchor pairing of Chris May and Susan Barnett. All the posts I'm reading indicate Chris and Susan "ain't doing it", that Susan is no draw, Chris is too new and definitely not a local and that ratings for CBS-3 have taken a nose dive fifty percent since Larry Mendte was terminated. Most feel they are in the perfect position to start with a clean slate. The consensus also feels Kathy Orr isn't cutting the mustard either with no real draw for viewers to want to watch -- and that Dave Kammerer actually fits the bill for more face time.
One poster finally said what I'VE BEEN THINKING FOR MONTHS! Management should also be held responsible for the whole fiasco involving Larry hacking into Alycia's email. No one has really written about THAT angle. Reports are out there that Lane suspected this and went to management, to no avail. If Larry was terminated and being held accountable for HIS actions why hasn't there been any repurcusions to management? What does it say for CBS-3's I S department that one can install keystroke spyware without being detected! I'd love to see a story written about that angle. Fair is fair. Personally, between the Lane and Mendte debacle I find it incredibly hard to believe that the chopping block hasn't fallen on management yet!
Back to the ratings side of the story though. Some think the solution is to bring back Larry Kane or Marc Howard to at least anchor one broadcast to bring some credibility back to the station. It's been reported neither are interested. Another suggestion is to promote Ukee Washington to the 6p/11p anchor chair but it's also been reported that Ukee is content with his current post. One poster, however, hit the nail on the head by pointing out "good writing, good story selection and decent research" is ACTUALLY the secret to increasing ratings. It's widely felt that, although Chris May and Susan Barnett are probably "good people"--they are not Philadelphian's and viewers recognize it. Yes, Susan is from the area but -- just bland. Also, that Susan might have been promoted prematurely for a position she wasn't quite ready for I would agree wholeheartedly. I don't agree that the answer is to steal away another talent or two from a competing station. They need to think this through slowly, like channel 6 does, and bring in at least a replacement for Burnett or May who has some buzz and good experience about them. What could happen immediately is Orr should switch places with Kammerer who has much more appeal than Orr. That is an easy fix that could happen NOW. Once new talent is in place -- promote the hell out of it and one poster even suggested CBS-3 should copy what channel 10 did back when..."weather, weather weather". The main reason most viewers watch local news is for weather. FOX-29 is trying to be the weather leader with their new "THE Weather Station" moniker with John Bolaris while "EarthWatch" seems to have taken a back seat lately at NBC-10 with Glenn Schwartz. There always could be room for a station to focus on weather. Nevertheless, the next six months will prove to be interesting to see how CBS-3 plays its cards.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More FOX news...

Michelle Williams, FOX-29's "Real Deal" reporter was married July 4th at a simple ceremony with friends and family during an Independence Day picnic. In the midst of the festivities, she and her beau sprung the news on eveyone that she was getting married! The town Mayor arrived in the midst of the picnic to officiate while the two changed into informal clothes. Michelle has begun using her married name, "Buckman", online and on FOX-29. You can read the story HERE.

The New Weather Guy at FOX

John Krasting has been freelancing the weekend shifts at Fox 29 the past eight weeks, replacing Jim Nichols who was signed on by NBC Weatherplus. Krasting, a Rutgers University grad is now working on his doctorate in atmospheric science. Prior to coming to this market he worked in New York.