Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Coverage

I caught FOX 29's News at Ten tonight (Sunday) and was impressed to see they sent John Bolaris to Louisiana to cover Hurrican Gustav's landfall which should be Monday late morning to early afternoon.
Channel 6 also sent Nydia Han . Both were stationed in Morgan City Louisiana which is southwest of New Orleans and is predicted to be pretty close to the "direct hit" of Gustav. Nydia's live report was pretty quick as she spoke of being under a tornado watch while John Bolaris led the newscast. He was followed by John Krasting with a detailed look at Gustav's progress on Ultimate HD Doppler. Bolaris went live again at 10:30 interviewing a man who decided he and his family were staying put.
A website promoted on is a website hosting the New Orleans and Houston stations covering Gustav in one central web location. You will find the CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX affiliates' coverage housed on this site as well as FOX hurricane tracker and other stations. Check out LIVENEWSCAMERAS.COM here.

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