Monday, August 25, 2008

NBC 10 News Today Promos

Channel 10 has begun airing their own promos for NBC 10 News Today as well, centered around the fact that they've dumped the news crawl they aired for years--replacing it with a crawl of current traffic conditions.
One promo starts with an announcer saying "NBC 10 presents better ways to spend your precious time than waiting around for a traffic report. IDEA #4, make breakfast easy to digest"...cut to video of a guy in shirt and tie, putting a waffle, syrup and milk into a blender. The announcer comes back on and says "or, turn to NBC 10 News Todaybecause now your traffic reports are on-screen all morning long. No more waiting. So YOU won't have to resort to this!". Cut back to the video --and the guy is now drinking his waffle breakfast. "NBC 10 News Today, weekdays from 5 to 7 a.m."
There's another promo out there that focuses on Lori Delgado looking down and pointing out that the crawl across the lower third is now continuous traffic conditions. Bill Henley also chimes in as well.

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