Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Whole New "TV World" Come Feb. 2009

Although this isn't directly related to the PHL television scene--I read an interesting article in today's USA TODAY about the world of digital transmission. The article states come February 2009 when the law says stations can no longer transmit analog--and go all-digital, we will surely see some noticeable changes in those digital multi-cast channels out there on the local stations. For example, those digital stations on NBC10, 6ABC and WHYY. Executives at MGM's "This TV", "Retro Television Network", "The Variety Channel" and "Local Accu-Weather channel" among a few will take huge advantage of the all-digital age. Eventually, when all stations begin transmitting two, three, even four additional program channels on their digital tier--classics will hit the airwaves again like "The Lone Ranger", "McHale's Navy", and "I Married Joan" to name a few. There are tons and tons of old TV series, movies and variety shows out there just waiting for a new audience. READ THE ENTIRE STORY HERE -- USA TODAY.

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Anonymous said...

Neat article, thanks for the word! This should be interesting then because WPHL's digital feeds are a waste and other than Action News NOW on PVI's--who wants to watch repeats of 20/20 and public affairs shows? They need to be more creative or this whole digital thing ain't goona work.