Wednesday, August 20, 2008

48 Hours And Counting!

Former CBS-3 anchor, Larry Mendte, is expected to plead guilty this Friday to one felony count for allegedly accessing the email account of his former co-anchor, Alycia Lane, without her consent. Though sources say Mendte most likely will not serve time he most assuredly has at least temporarily ruined the career of Lane who has filed a lawsuit against her former employer as the result of being released from her contract at KYW-TV.
The fact that Mendte will plead guilty is little consolation to the fact that what he did goes deeper than just "accessing Lane's email more than 500 times". In the process, he leaked personal information about Lane to the gossip column reporters in newspaper-land. In that process, Lane's personal life became the news and contributed to her dismissal from KYW. Yes, Lane's actions in New York contributed greatly to her dismissal. She was arrested for slapping a police officer but later--those charges were dropped.
Unless Mendte explains HIS side of the story and WHY he did what he did, we'll never know. My question is, what gives a person the right to ruin another's career? Was Mendte THAT insecure in his own position at KYW? Was there MORE to this story than any of us know? Only Mendte knows that answer for sure, though; there are industry rumors that there is more to this story. Obviously, Mendte ruined his OWN career in the process, at least for now.
Those following the story have lots of opinions of their own as recently posted on's comment board. "Shame on you Larry, I hope it was all worth it", said one--while another said "He's a sick, disturbed man...sad little man". There are some out there who don't care what Larry did -- and say "...can't wait till he returns to the airwaves!". Others send their concern and well wishes to wife, Dawn Stensland, who anchors at FOX-29. Dawn apparently has been the tower of strength through this ordeal and has alot of support from her FOX-29 colleagues. However, one can only imagine how difficult it must have been these past months to hold her head high and get through the day. Obviously, everyone has an opinion on this story. We'll see how it pans out once Friday comes and goes as to what is Larry's payback through all of this.

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