Friday, August 15, 2008

NEW Action News Mornings promos...

I just saw seven new promos for "Action News Mornings" that are cute. The first one shows Matt O'Donnell sitting at his desk with one of those homemade paper fortune teller "thingies" we all learned how to make in high school--when Karen Rogers and Tamala Edwards walk up behind him. Karen comments to Tamala, "He's been at it all morning". Tamala asks "at what?" and Karen replies "the fortune teller...".

"Hey Matt, you still trying to see if you're going to become a news anchor?", says Karen. Matt tosses the thing onto his desk as if he's been nabbed.

The voiceover then picks up with "Action News Mornings, getting back to school and getting YOU back to business..."

The second promo has David Murphy wrapping up one of his meteorology books in a brown paper cover at his desk (similiar to how many of us would do with our text books in high school) when Karen, at the next desk over, says "covering the meteorology books again Dave?". Murphy replies "yep, protection Karen--protecting the knowledge". At that point, he gives a tug on the scotch tape from his dispenser when all of a sudden--a foot of tape comes off the spool.

The voiceover picks up with "Action News mornings, getting back to school and getting YOU back to business..."

The others are also high school themed...very creative I must say!


On the same facebook page you can also watch other promos such as "Make a Date with Action News", a 10-minute inside look at the making of "JUST SIX MINUTES" as well as all eight "JUST SIX MINUTES" promos, the "there goes that Action News van" promos including a classic--when WPVI was initially WFIL-TV showing "the news jiloppy driving through the WFIL parking lot" as well as "action news van on Mars" promo.

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