Monday, September 1, 2008

After The Strike

FOX 29 and Action News both went live on the 5 o'clock newscasts today for another report on the effects of Hurricane Gustav.
6ABC's Nydia Han reported live on the phone from Houma Louisiana for the noon-cast. She made her way to Morgan City for the 5'oclock cast...but reported via phone again stating that due to the fierce winds and rain she and her photographer had to put their satellite dish down. A producer and cameraman were also stationed in Houma Louisiana for coverage there and all documented their experience on the internet via TWITTER.
Meanwhile, over at Fox 29 News at 5--John Bolaris had to report via a streaming web feed via SKYPE from his hotel room in Lafayette Louisiana. They were in Morgan City this morning -- then -- due to go outside to report from the Cajun Dome in Lafayette. However, because of the winds and danger...they were sent indoors and forced to report directly from his hotel room.
John Krasting covered the local weather story from Olde City.

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