Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Fox 29's "The Last Word" debuted last night at 11 p.m.. "News at Ten" ended without the usual closing music or credits. Dawn Stensland introduced the show directly out of the last segment of the news saying "now politics takes center stage and for that--we go to Kerri-Lee Halkett".
Kerri-Lee stood on-set and introduced the top three stories which were:
*Hurricane Gustav Upstages The GOP
*A Low-Key Republican National Convention Comes To Order
*McCain's Running Mate's Pregnant 17 year old Teenage Daughter
These three stories became the top stories of segment 1's "Today On The Trail". Next, John Bolaris was brought in live from Lafayette Louisiana reporting on the impact of Hurricane Gustav. Kerri-Lee then finished up the hurricane coverage with some FOX video and promoted myfoxphilly.com's photo gallery of images of hurricane damage from Mississippi to Texas.
From there, it was on to the Republican's revamped convention plans and a four minute live interview with New Jersey Senator Bill Baroni from the floor of the convention in Minneapolis MN.
John McCain's campaign budget was the next story--$10 million dollars raised since announcing Alaska Governor Palin as his Vice Presidential choice last week.
Kerri-Lee then reported John McCain overnighted in our city's Rittenhouse Square with video of his plane arriving at PHL International. She commented how she had a couple of friends text message her saying they saw him dining in Devon and the press corp waiting for him at ROUGE. McCain's "Straight Talk Air Tour" was in the city today as he made more appearances in the area. A soundbite of Senator Joe Biden also aired, commenting on curtailing their campaigning plans due to the Hurricane.
Next, the story was supposed to be the pairing off of campaign chemistry between Cindy McCain and Governor Palin's husband. However, the control room punched up the sound bite again from Biden as Keri Lee reminded us "hearing again from Senator Joe Biden".
Kerri-Lee then jumped the gun to go to a segment about political polls. The control room bailed from her and went into the five second "FOX 29 News The Last Word" intro. The first commercial began ten minutes into the show.
Segment 2 began with that political poll segment -- asking "how important are the DNC and the RNC"? This opened a three minute live discussion on-set headed by Kerri-Lee--with reporter/political guru Bruce Gordon and an author/speaker from Temple University discussing, in general, conventions for the Republicans and the Democrats.
From there, it was on to "other news" of the day: the murder/suicide of five people in Camden; teachers walking the picket line in the Souderton School District and vacationers flocking to the Jersey shore for the last hurah of summer.
Segment 3 was one minute each with Joe Staszak's sports segment and John Krasting with the weather forecast. Kerri-Lee did a quick voiceover of Mayor Michael Nutter rapping to the SugarHill Gang on stage at a concert in the city.
The show wrapped up by more shameless promotion: John Bolaris being live in Louisiana as well as radar, maps, slideshows, 2008 convention coverage, blogs and the "Palin Baby Drama" on the myfoxphilly website. More promotion of topics for tomorrow's show then followed.
Finally, the "last word" of the night was a video piece from Louisiana as Governor Jindal reacted to the hurricane hitting his state.
Initial reaction? No biggie..."same ole same ole presentation"...and meaningless political coverage in that I didn't learn anything NEW. Not a show I'd stay up to watch. Just MY opinion.

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