Monday, April 20, 2009

Reflections on Harry Kalas Memorial

The Harry Kalas memorial was held Saturday (4/18th) at the Phillies hometurf, Citizens Bank Park, and covered LIVE by not only CBS-3 but MyPHL-17 (using the news crew from NBC10), FOX-29, Comcast Sportsnet as well as inserts within the news on KYW 1060/Newsradio by Mike Dinardo who was good friends with Harry.
The viewing service, scheduled to begin at 8 a.m., started earlier than planned at about 7:35 a.m. when officials began allowing mourners to pay their last respects. Two large pictures were placed at the casket as mourners and fans passed by.
I watched the coverage provided by CBS-3 with Susan Barnett and Chris May handling the anchor desk. Beesley Reese and Don Bell anchored the service from the ballpark which drew Darren Daulton, John Kruk, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schmidt, Mitch Williams, Larry Andersen, Merrill Reese, Howard Eskin among hundreds of others.
Interestingly, Channel 6 did not air coverage but chose to stream coverage online at This is when, in my opinion, stations aren't utilizing their HD digital feed capability to their fullest potential. Why couldn't they have aired live coverage on WPVI-2? THAT is an entirely separate subject (the underuse of programming on stations' digital feeds)
The service was well done, quite moving and the Phillies organization should be proud. Rest in peace Harry...


Anonymous said...

I also read that Gary Papa from fchannel 6 was there in a wheel chair. I hope he's not getting worse as he looks like he's lost more weight and a bit gaunt in the face. my prayers are with him.

Anonymous said...

Gary Papa has been off the news now all week (it's Thur 4/23rd)--basically since the Harry Kalas memorial when, as you wrote, he was in a wheelchair being pushed by former PVI alum Scott Palmer. I read in Michael Klein today that PVI continues to refuse to comment on his health. As the former poster said, last I saw him he was looking much more gaunt and like he's losing more weight. I pray for him.