Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's Got Me Bugged?

I'll steal the phrase from FOX-29's segment "What's Bugging You" because THIS POST is about FOX-29's "News at Ten".
On Thursday night's broadcast, May 14th--the news crew at FOX decided they should lead their newscast with the John & Kate rocky relationship story of TLC network's "John & Kate Plus 8". I find it unbelievable this would lead a local newscast when Chrysler announced the same day that close to 800 dealerships in this country would close in the next few weeks. Approximately 15 in our local area are affected.
Is this the direction FOX-29 is going? *NewsFLUFF*? It sure makes one wonder.


Anonymous said...

They did the same thing last night (Wed) as their top story? What else. American Idol was their top story. Meanwhile, Channel 57's Eyewitness News at 10's top story was the story of the man who fell into the water behind Cattails Bar and drowned. Goes to show ya that FOX 29 isn't the place one goes for real news. Ever watch their weekend news? It's a joke! They will have maybe two "local" stories and the rest are fluff pieces and canned packages.

Anonymous said...

I don't even watch fox29 news anymore. a bunch of wannabe amateurs and Kerri Lee Halket's voice grates on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

They should cut their newscasts to a half hour and focus more on local news.

Dunn said...

Anyone who still watches local TV news gets what they deserve. Simply awful programming, period.