Monday, June 15, 2009

Phone Rings Live On-Air

Near the close of PVI's 6 p.m. Action News tonight (Mon 6/15th)--Adam Joseph (filling in for Dave Roberts) was throwing it back to Jim Gardner as he sat back down at the anchor desk detailing thunderstorms coming into Center City from neighboring Montgomery county. As Adam said "a small storm, but a POTENT storm--with the possibility that..." at which point the phone behind Gardner began to ring. Adam acknowledged it by laughing and saying "someone's calling us over here, who is it Jim?"
Gardner turned right around, saying "the phone is ringing!"...picked up the phone and said "HELLO?". Adam cracked up again saying "THEY HUNG UP!". Gardner then responded by saying, "running out of time here--I'm sorry!". Gardner went on to say, "first time THAT'S EVER HAPPENED!" as he squinted, smiled and shook his head in amusement. Gardner promoted the upcoming World News Tonight and as they went to commercial, Gardner picked up the phone again with Jaime Apody and Adam Joseph laughing at Gardner.
Nothing like LIVE TV, at its best!

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Anonymous said...

i saw this happen, it was pretty funny