Thursday, October 22, 2009

So Long to Dawn...

Well, it seems I write these "so long..." items more and more these Dan Gross reports that FOX 29's Dawn Stensland has exited the premesis, unfortunately.
Gone now are the teams of Noonan, Chernekoff, Cariello/Guarino and Cherkin/Tolefson as well as Huddleston, Stensland, Guarino and Tollefson. Quite a shame too because all the changes the powers-that-be have made at FOX do not seem to have made a darn dent in their ratings. Bolaris' return gave NO RETURN on the ratings scale and my personal opinion of Kerri Lee Halkett is not a good one. I'll suffice to say that her sing-songy voice surely grates on my nerves and I see her as nothing more than a stand-up Barbie doll. When have you seen her in the field showcasing her journalistic skills?
It's no surprise, of course, that Dawn was shown the door. For over a year now, she's been absent from most news promotions and at some points in watching the broadcast, it almost felt as though maybe Dawn should slide her chair right off the set to make room for Halkett.
Hopefully, Stensland's agent has some irons in the fire for her...and good luck is wished for her--for sure.


Anonymous said...

Kerri Halkett over Dawn? No way, they got to be kidding. That station is going down like a sinking ship. They oughtta give the heave ho to the station manager and news director because bring on Bolaris, Drayton and that black Eagles guy doing sports, they've hit rock bottom!

Anonymous said...

What a joke Fox29 is fastt becoming. Dawn Stensland was the ONLY reason to keep watching. Kerru-Lee is unbearable to watch the way she flirts and poses for the camera...the new gut is stiff...and BOLARIS with his hair dye and cosmetic surgery is just a creepy 55 year old guy who still goes after youn girls. All the class and credibility will go out the door with Dawn.

Anonymous said...

I agree, FOX 29 is a sinking ship just like titanic. What are they thinking over there? Halkett has no talent. Anyone can stand there and pose, wear nice clothes and read a prompter. Dawn had the talent and has been given a raw deal. I hope FOX continues to sink because everything they've done with their people since the days of Noonan and Chernakoff hasn't helped their ratings one ioda. I give it less than a year until Sue Serio is also gone...and not more than 2 years at most that Bolaris is gone! Mark my words...
And ever watch their weekend news from 6 to 7? What a waste of 58 minutes. After the first two minutes the rest of the stories are from the night before, the week before OR is canned fluff. Check it out if you don't believe their story selection. It's laughable.

Phillies4Ever said...

Read Kerri Lee's Bio. Stand up barbie doll? Doesn't cover stories in the field? From Fox's website:

Kerri-Lee Halkett was awarded the 2009 Emmy for "Best Anchor" in the Mid-Atlantic region. She also won the same honor in 2007, when she was honored with an Emmy for "Best Anchor."

Kerri-Lee first came to FOX 29 in 2002 and has co-hosted Good Day Philadelphia, launched the 11am news as well as the 5pm news. Most recently, she and Thomas Drayton launched the brand new 6pm News as well as working on the 10pm newscast.

A native of Victoria, British Columbia, Kerri-Lee's work has been honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Society of Professional Journalists, Arizona Broadcasters Association, William Randolph Hearst Foundation and the National Headliner's Association.

Kerri-Lee came from Boston where she was a weekend 10pm anchor and reporter at WFXT-TV.

She was nominated for several New England Emmy's, taking first place in the "National Headliner" competition for her work during 9/11.

She was one of the only journalists to get inside Ground Zero, where she filed reports for two weeks on what was happening where the World Trade towers once stood.

Before moving to Boston, Kerri-Lee launched "SkyFOX" in Washington, D.C. at WTTG, as a breaking news helicopter reporter. She was invited to the White House to be part of a transportation summit with Vice-President Al Gore, and former Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater. Kerri-Lee also filled in as an anchor on the station's newscasts and reported from the ground.

She graduated from Arizona State University's acclaimed Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 1995.

While there, she earned several collegiate awards, and scholarships, and was nationally ranked by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation for Television News and Radio Reporting.

Before leaving Arizona, she spent time at KTUC in Tucson, KTAR Radio in Phoenix , and former CBS affiliate, KSAZ-TV.

Kerri-Lee moved to the East Coast in 1995, to take a job as weekend evening anchor at the ABC affiliate in Salisbury, Md.
Now, she calls Philadelphia home, and remains very committed to the community. She is an adjunct professor at Temple University and teaches a senior class aimed at helping graduates get their first job in the business.

Kerri-Lee is also a fitness fan, who works with the staff at PhillyFit magazine on their PhillyFit bashes, which aim to raise awareness of the importance of health and exercise for kids and adults. She is also a contributing writer to Philadelphia Style Magazine, and is the "Green Editor" for Philadelphia Row Home Magazine, even appearing as their "Cover Girl" for the Spring 2009 issue.

Kerri-Lee has been featured in New Woman Magazine, 'W' Magazine, Philly Fit Magazine, SJ Magazine, Times Philadelphia Magazine as well as The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Bucks County Courier-Times, The Delaware County Times and other prominent publications.

In her spare time Kerri-Lee and her young son Van love to spend time outdoors with her husband Kirt and the family dog, Arlo. They love to bike in and around the Philadelphia area, as well as rock climb, hike, kayak, ski and travel.

They live in Center City Philadelphia.

phillymediawatch said...

To Philly4ever, with all due respect, my comments regarding seeing her as a "barbie doll" is simply that, my opinion. And I stand by the fact that I haven't seen her in the field IN THIS MARKET...reporting from the field...showcasing her reporter skills. Again, simply MY COMMENT is all. I don't care for her obviously do...and I respect that.

Anonymous said...

@Phillies4Ever all those credentials don't make for talent.

I could have a list of skills and talents a mile long but that doesn't make me great in front of a camera.

Anonymous said...

Halkett is nothing more than a WANNA-BE BARBIE TALKIN HEAD. I'd watch Dawn anyday over her.