Saturday, March 27, 2010

Adam Joseph Misses a YouTube Moment

Saturday night's "Action News at 11" came close to being a youtube moment for weatherguy Adam Joseph.
Rob Jennings introduced Adam for his weather segment, saying he's never gotten the hiccups during a television news broadcast but that Adam was fighting them moments earlier. Joseph, who laughed and had a plastic cup of water sitting on the news desk, confessed that his hiccups are "very loud", "very frequent" and "you don't want to hear them", breaking Jennings into laughter -- saying "we'll be listening very closely Adam".
Joseph then replied "hopefully the next three minutes are smooth sailing or this may be a youtube moment if they come back".
Fortunately for Joseph, they did NOT come back and the forecast went on without missing a beat.

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Anonymous said...

I was watching one night when Monica sneezed in the midst of talking. It was pretty funny actually.