Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Larry Mendte's First Interview...

There's an interesting read in the latest "Philadelphia Magazine" with the first interview with Larry Mendte who tells his story in the aftermath of the Larry/Alicia nightmare. We now get an idea of his personal struggle in "reinventing himself", as he shares, as well as the pain his children and wife, Dawn Stensland, have endured. It's an honest, straightforward inside look. Check it out --->HERE.


Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence after reading the article. On one hand, I think he has paid for his crime and on the other, how does one ever trust someone like that again? He says he's sorry he ever met Alycia Lane. I wonder why? There must be something more about her that he cannot reveal because anyone, Alycia or the man in the moon--would prosecute if their email was hacked. Obviously, there was some sort of personal relationship so maybe that's what he was referring to. Who I feel bad for is Dawn and their two children. Innocent victims in the whole ordeal. Dawn handled herself like a true professional while she was at FOX. Too bad she is no longer on the air.

Benjamin said...

I feel for Larry Mendte.

You say that anyone would prosecute if their email was hacked. And yet no one in the Eastern District has ever been prosecuted for the same thing. It is usually handled by HR at the workplace. It is clear that Alycia knew media whore Pat Meehan would not be able to resist the publicity of the case.

And we need to remember that Alycia Lane was fired because in a drunken fit of rage she hit a cop in New York and called her a f-ing dyke - then called Governor Rendell for help.

She tried to seduce married man after married man - she was and is a nut bag.

Mendte says he was trying to protect himself from her and I believe him. She is the prototypical Fatal Attraction chick. I completely understand why Mendte says "I wish I never met Alycia Lane."

Any man should run the other way. She is a black widow.