Thursday, May 26, 2011

Action News at 4 Debut

Today was the debut of "Action News at 4" (watch it HERE) and quite an impressive one I must say! The new show is anchored by Shirleen Allicot and Brian Taff accompanied by Sarah Bloomquist reporting the top story from the field. Alicia Vitarelli rounds out the anchors from in the studio to report on the day's top national headlines as well as showbiz news and tweets from Twitter. Adam Joseph provides Accuweather from the newly revived City Avenue weather location, long known from the days of Dave Roberts. And last but not least, two traffic reports within the hour by Matt Pellman. The newscast looks a bit different than the other 5, 6 and 11 shows in that the anchors sit at the desk closer to the weather area of the set. Also, some new features such as the chat cam online at Jim Gardner was the first candidate today where online viewers could chat directly with Jim in a separate "chat cam" window. Also, Hollywood buzz, a national news headliner, financial news from the New York stock market as well as lots of Big Board use!
The station debuted the new "Mobile 6" which was designed specifically for the 4 o'clock newscast. The vehicle has 2 onboard cameras, one for the reporter in the passenger seat while the other shows the road ahead...allowing for live updates enroute to the breaking story. The microwave transmitter uses GPS technology that automatically tracks their broadcast towers. In addition, there is a portable, battery powered transmitter that allows them to broadcast from anywhere a cellular signal can be had. Basically, this allows a live report from ANYWHERE one would make a cell call from.
So, check it and "Action News at 4".


Anonymous said...

I thought the show looks great...though, Taff & Allicot should tone down the happiness a few notches. It's annoying after awhile. Always enjoy Adam. Wonder why Bloomquist didn't get the gig they handed to Allicot?

Anonymous said...

Because Bloomquist is an annoying fake. There is a huge difference between her affected, news drone voice and how she talks ad lib with the other anchors. She is trying to sound important.