Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Changes on the Horizon for FOX-29 Weather

TV Spy's Merrill Knox reports on a new arrival for FOX 29's "Weather Authority". Caitlin Roth, a Philadelphia native, worked at Accuweather prior to her stint at NBC affiliate WOWT-TV. Plans for Roth are for covering the weekend shifts taking the place of the departing Sally Ann Mosey.
Mosey, a former WPVI alum, recently endured contract negotiations and agreed to take a pay cut. However, according to reports, Mosey decided to hit the pavement when a request for additional "paid time off" was denied.
Things seem to still be up in the air for the outcome of John Bolaris' situation with the station. Bolaris, who is the Chief Meteorologist, has been suspended "indefinitely" because of a recent interview Bolaris did with Playboy magazine. The situation is now in the hands of attorneys.


Anonymous said...

Bolaris named worst person of the year in Philadelphia -

Anonymous said...

I used to like Bolaris until reading so much negative about the guy over the years. Then, a friend of mine who works in one of the Olde City hangouts had a personal interaction with him and that put the nail in the coffin for me. He seems to be someone with a huge ego and quite impressed with being "John Bolaris". He must be hiw own biggest fan. As far as I'm concerned, I wish FOX would buyout Rob Guarino's contract and bring him back to Philadelphia. Now, he is a true weatherguy.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder whether Mr. Bolaris will even come back to FOX. I read on Monday in the Philly Daily News that he's still indefinitely suspended. He tweeted today that he would just like to get back to FOX and "do what he loves". I get the feeling he isn't going to return.