Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bolaris Leaving Philadelphia?

John Bolaris, former Chief Meteorologist at FOX 29, has taken to Twitter to announce he may possibly be leaving his "beloved city" and "beloved daughter". There are rumors he's headed to New York's WNBC. However, Bolaris tweeted he cannot comment on anything. He did tweet that he just has had no luck in landing a position here and hoped to finish out his weather calling here in Philadelphia. Best of luck in wherever he lands.


Anonymous said...

As if he had a chance to land another position here on another station? 6ABC would NEVER have anything to do with the likes of Bolaris and CBS3 doesn't want nor need their talent's off-air drama a la Alycia Lane & Larry Mendte

Please, greaseball, go away!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to remember that Bolaris has been a polarizing figure in Philadelphia for years. His off camera exploits have been featured in gossip columns for years. No one here would tuch him.