Saturday, December 6, 2008

NBC10 Goes HD

NBC-10 has announced they will debut their new set and flip the HD switch on all newscasts beginning Wednesday December 10th (get it? channel 10--December 10th) on the 4 o'clock newscast.
During the 5 o'clock "All That & More" and 11 p.m. newscast yesterday--LouAnn Cahn of the NBC-10 Investigators did a clever "investigative report" on rumors of "some exciting things happening at 10 these days". She "made attempts" at interviewing News Director Chris Blackman and the station General Manager who "denied anything was going on". She "made an attempt" to enter the NBC-10 News studio but was "banned entrance by two security men". She then interviewed a "disguised source" wearing a bowtie, a large solid black circle superimposed over his face and his voice altered (sounding like one of the chipmunks) who fessed up that he had been moved to the hallway these last 4-1/2 months, that "it's crazy..." and that the new set would debut Wednesday. Cahn then "interviewed" Tim Lake from his newsroom desk who stated "you'll be able to see my legs now" (illustrating that the desk will be an open-type desk) as he lifted one pant leg to reveal his somewhat solid/hairy leg. Cahn seemed a bit taken aback and went on from there.
The report ended with a fast glimpse of the studio revealing at least one large stone wall...and the anchor desk positioned where the walls meet to form a corner of the studio...and a large backdrop of Center City behind.
All-in-all a creative and interesting way to present the debut date.

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