Friday, March 13, 2009

So Long to Don Polec

What a shock. Michael Klein from "The Insider" reports today that Don Polec will be going buh-bye from Channel 6. After being actively employed by "Action News" since 1982, Polec's contract was not renewed. What a shame. His reports at the end of most newscasts were a fun, unique way to end the show. He'll definitely be missed.


Anonymous said...

I ran into Polec once doing a story out-and-about a year or so ago and they guy is nothing like he appears on tv. He was actually not real friendly and almost acted like he was bothered by the people who gathered to watch him do his thing. Very strange.

BJR said...

On air people can be like that. It's difficult to be "on" all the time. But, regardless of that, it's a shame that all of the longtime reporters are being shown the door.
Local TV news is losing its character and stability, and these new folks don't cut it. It's a shame what's happening, but I think there are going to be more negative changes before it's all over.