Friday, February 13, 2009

Quite the Hub-Bub on Guarino

Former FOX29 weather-caller Rob Guarino is causing quite a stir on the web these days. Apparently, his wish is to return to Philadelphia and back on the airwaves here. So, he's using his website "" to ask readers to rally the TV honchos here and attempt to pursuade them to consider him on their station.
One would have to ask, how does this look to his managers at his current station in Albuquerque? Certainly doesn't look good in my opinion. Some web posters even go as far to say Guarino never had "a name" here in Philadelphia...that it doesn't matter how many schools you visit--it's RATINGS that really matters. Personally, he ought to be counting his blessings that even HAS a gig in todays economy and with news stations downsizing.
Of course, having a new girlfriend here probably doesn't make it any easier since his children are still here with his ex-wife.
Inside word is Guarino has zero chance of returning to Philadelphia airwaves. FOX29 has no interest, obviously. He would never have a chance at WPVI's channel 6. Channel 3 has no openings and he already was considered by Channel 10.
Obviously, time will tell--but for the time being -- it looks like lots of air commuting between the city of Brotherly Love and Albuquerque.

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