Saturday, September 12, 2009

WPVI debuts their new digs

"Impressed" would be my word to describe WPVI's new facilities. You too can see the new facilities here in a 16 minute tour given by Matt O'Donnell and David Murphy. The tour shows the lobby, newsroom, accuweather office, microwave control room, studio/set and the "Action News Patio" overlooking Monument Road. The new set is quite impressive as well! The crystal city skyline is to the left rear of the anchor desk...the accuweather set to the right, as before. "...Alot sleeker looking all-in-all..." as evidenced by the debut on-air tonight, during the 11 o'clock newscast...shown at about 11:44 p.m. after Nascar on ABC. Adam Joseph broadcast the first outside weather teaze from a new outdoor locale as well. No more weather off City Avenue with the "honkers" driving by in the background. Also new, the "7 day Accuweather forecast"...where the 5 day graphic is displayed as before. Then, instead of the former "look ahead" graphic, the 5 day graphic now expands to "day 6 and day 7", taking up the full screen, to allow the talent to walk back to the anchor desk from the green screen.
Rob Jennings got the honor of christening the anchor chair--putting Action News on their newest journey in broadcast journalism.


Anonymous said...

i found it odd that they chose to debut the new studio on saturday night. i though they would at least wait unil monday like 5 pm or even 6 pm with jim gardner.

Anonymous said...

They did a soft launch on Friday with the cut-ins during GMA, and then went to a full broadcast.

Plus if it's the weekend, there aren't as many viewers as during the week so if hypothetically something did go wrong it wouldn't be during a major newscast.

Bruce said...

According to another news blog, WPVI has a history of debuting new sets, etc. on Saturdays. They apparently did it for the last few debuts.

They probably think it's best to work out any kinks that may occur live for a couple days before the marquee newscasts that Jimbo anchors. It defies logic in a way, I know.

Anonymous said...

They're having a sound issue that they've yet to address. Ever since the new studio's been live, I hear a constant, hum or buzz. Perhaps it's a fan or the mics are faulty. Please WPVI address it soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that new outdoor patio. No more irritating traffic in the background. BUT, they really should capitalize on it and do some serious landscaping and lighting (for those early mornings when David Murphy is standing out there in pitch black!)