Friday, February 5, 2010

An Embarrasing Gaffe for Bolaris' "Weather Authority"

Imagine where in the heck the producer's head was who was in charge of the FOX29 News at 5 broadcast today?
John Bolaris was literally in the middle of his weather segment, illustrating with "FOX FUTURECAST" the intensity and direction of the storm to hit our area during the overnight hours. All of a sudden, literally in mid-sentence, you see Bolaris give a downward brow and say "I'm getting a wrap so I guess I gotta go?"...You then hear him huff and say..."back to the desk...okay...I didn't even get a chance to get to the snow amounts there, uh...I needed to show snow amounts, I think we need to get to the snow amounts, if I could have the time to get to the snow amounts". At that point, he was sitting at the anchor desk with Halkett and Drayton who both responded, "go ahead John...yes John, that's critical". Bolaris then said, "let's go to the snow amounts--we REALLY NEED TO GET TO THAT, PLEASE...let's go to the maps and show the snow amounts..."
Finally, at that point, the snow amount graphic was displayed, Bolaris continued to illustrate expected snowfall totals and then wrapped up the segment throwing back to Halkett and Drayton.
WHAT A TRAIN WRECK *THAT* WAS TO WATCH! Completely embarrassing...and what a joke for a station trying to brand themselves as "The Weather Authority". And, what might have been the rush, you ask, that Bolaris end his weather segment? A toss to a reporter standing in Stanton Delaware to show a few flurries flying through the air...

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