Friday, February 26, 2010

Weather Sells!

Not only has Channel 6 done their "weather specials" within the 11 o'clock Friday night broadcast two weeks in a row, but now, Channel 3 has jumped on their own band wagon tonight with a "CBS-3 Eyewitness Weather Special Report".
The regular "Eyewitness News" broadcast led with three weather-related stories followed by Kathy Orr's regular weathercast, then four more stories, sports and a good-bye.
At 11:15, the weather special kicked off anchored by Kathy Orr and Doug Kammerer with another weathercast for the week ahead as well as a "super extended ten day". Then, you got it---eight commercials...eating up four minutes then back to Kathy & Doug with Doug giving us a "look back" at the winter history of the December storm that dumped 23.2 inches on Philadelphia the week before Christmas. Then, just a mere 3 inches of snow in January and two huge storms in early February...a 28.5 inch storm followed by the first blizzard warning since 1996 giving us 15.8 inches in the city. Finally, the 5.6 inch storm last night into today giving us a whopping 78.7 inches thus far for the '09/'10 winter season. In comparison, Buffalo NY has gotten 69 inches compared to Chicago's 49.3 inches there. Finally, Minneapolis/St. Paul's 40.7 inches and Denver's 46 inches is no comparison to here in the City of Brotherly Love, says Kammerer. We then were treated to seven more commercials, another three and a half minutes. Kathy went into the next segment with a taped interview with meterorologist Jim Eberwine from the National Weather Service, asking where all the snow is coming from? The answer, El Nino, which is the warm water current in the eastern Pacific ocean. This moisture has played a big part in the east's winter storms. By picking up Pacific moisture, throw in some Gulf moisture along with some Atlantic moisture, and, BOOM--a huge winter storm! Eberwine's prediction for March? "It could be rough if storms continue to form from the Gulf of Mexico". According to Orr, March temperatures will be below average while precipitation will be more than average. Another six more commercials, a CBS 3 promo and a quick goodbye from Orr & Kammerer.
The point? Sales, sales, sales...the station was able to sell 10.5 minutes of advertising for 9-1/2 minutes of information. But, I will say Channel 3's "special" was much more informative than Channel 6's.


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So now Ms. Larosa is leaving for the weather channel so I wonder if that means a bigger role for Christa Quinn or someone new from the outside OR do they plug Mr. Kammerer into that spot.

Anonymous said...

The stations around here sure do toot their weather coverage that's for sure! If I had to take my pick I'd probably choose FOX for the way they present their weather (though I can't stand John Bolaris) and then I think 2nd on my list would be Adam Joseph (though I find their weather boring). Wonder if Rob Guarino has a chance at the open morning position on 3?

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I heard CBS 3 is going to use Doug Kammerer and Carol Erickson to fill in.
So, has anyone noticed something different looking about Kathy Orr? She seems like she is filling out the top of her clothes a little better lately..... Did she have some work done?

gakski said...

Noticed no weather "special" on Channel 6 on Friday, 3/5.