Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random Observations

Well, here I am! I return with some random observations. *Tango Traffic continues to be as bad as ever. How this channel remains on-air is beyond me. The "talent", If that is what they're called, is horrible! Only Jason Lee, Rhonda Finkwhitman, Dale Shaw, Robert Block and Stephanie Humphrey would rate as "talent" in my opinion. In watching a "David Itelle" today, this guy attempted to tell his viewers that Wonder Woman is somehow tied to the meaning of Athena! Athena is the name of this first winter storm, as named by the folks at The Weather Channel. TWC announced this past summer their plan to begin naming winter storms this year. Itelle mentioned that "some big name weather types have decided to name this storm because its going to be so bad, and, on the heels of Sandy". His information couldn't have been more wrong. Basically, Wonder Woman has nothing to do with the meaning of "Athena". Rather, "Athena" was the Greek goddess of wisdom, handicrafts and warfare--to name a few. In fairness, a segment later, Itelle corrected himself and stated the accurate meaning of Athena. Gina Gannon who reports weeknights in the 7p-10p timeframe probably has to be their worst on-air type. She stumbles, mumbles and comes across as being totally out of contact with what she's trying to convey. *The weather folks at "Action News" busted their butts with their nonstop coverage of Storm Sandy throughout the region. Joseph tweets quite often, allowing viewers into a look into his life within and outside of his television life. Joseph tweeted recently that he began a prescheduled move the weekend of Sandy. He had just sold his Manayunk digs after seven years of being a homeowner there. So, on top of storm Sandy's planned "ramped-up coverage", Joseph had total chaos in his new place as well as having to attend a funeral for the passing of a cousin. Joseph and Cecily Tynan put in long hours with Melissa Magee and the news team to provide nonstop storm coverage. During the height of the storm, Tynan tossed her airtime over to Joseph when he began speaking and realized his microphone was not on. In fumbling for his mic pack, one could hear Tynan offering hers--and saying "more on?" Joseph managed to get his mic turned on, but not before leaving some viewers to think they heard something different. Viewers turned to Twitter and Facebook that Tynan called Joseph a "moron" Jim Gardner set the record straight in the next segment that the Action News family are that. Family. And therefore, would never resort to name calling...something beginning with "M", ending in "N" and "O, R and O" in between! He then laughed, said Tynan and Joseph are best of friends and that Joseph indeed is "a big moron"! Joseph can be found on twitter at @6abcadamjoseph Adam Joseph definitely comes across as very down-to-earth and approachable. He's probably the top tweeter at 6abc making himself available to his viewers. *Word from former FOX29 weather guy, John Bolaris, tweets that he is now doing weather reports for Howard Stern's satellite radio show. Bolaris tweets local weather information quite often. Bolaris can be found at @johnbolaris Bolaris wasn't successful in finding a weather gig in the Philadelphia market. He is writing a weekly column for The Metro which began last week. *Online reports indicate former CBS3 "Eyewitness News" anchor Alycia Lane (now anchoring early mornings in Los Angeles) made it known she would have liked to return to a TV gig here! Prior to resigning with her current station in L.A., Lane's agent put the feelers out here on behalf of Lane. Unfortunately for her, there were no takers who could compete with her salary at KNBC. Lane dated Q102 DJ Chris Booker at one time who also relocated to L.A. *FOX 29's Lauren Cohn, a former reporter/anchor at NBC10, has announced she is leaving FOX once her contract ends. Cohn was once thought to be the replacement for Kerrie Lee Halket's main anchor seat. That, unfortunately, did not come to pass.

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Anonymous said...

You hit it with your observations about the current state of Tango Traffic.

I don't know what's going on there, but they give you absolutely no notice whatsoever of when the talent leave their fold. Mike Warner up and left sans explanation, and now Dale Shaw, Rhonda Fink Whitman and Robert Block are all apparently gone.

Shaw and Block left in late-September and Fink Whitman hasn't been on the air for over a month now. Jason Lee and Stephanie (not Tracey) Humphrey continue to float this all but sunken ship.

David Aitell (sp) and Dan Miller are okay, but they have tendencies to mumble and talk real low. Aaron Jannetta (sp) sounds like Jason Lee, but he's hard to understand many times, too. Vittoria Woodill somehow managed to get more annoying as time went on. I've noticed that all she wants to talk about is NE Philly. outside of that area, she's lost. After all this time, you would think she'd know the roadways she's talking about, but nope.

I'm especially ELATED you pointed out the obvious fact that Gina Gannon is the worst! What has this woman done to rate so much air time?

She's another one where you figure she's had so much time on camera that she'd somehow know what she's talking about by now, but she's actually worse than before. The more she's on that channel, the less I watch it. As a matter of fact, I haven't been watching it much lately because all of my faves are gone. I'm just waiting for Lee and Humphrey to say to hell with it and that's when Tango gets stricken from my "To Watch" list forever.

They need to 86 Gannon as of yesterday and bring back the aforementioned pros to save what little credibility this channel has left.

But something tells me the channel's 15 minutes are on the verge of expiring.