Monday, December 17, 2012

Changes Ahead at NBC10

NBC10 News Director Anzio Williams is under the microscope of NBC management to bring more viewers to the NBC10 newscasts. Former News Director Chris Blackman was sent walking six months ago followed by Assistant News Director Dave Parker. Now, changes have begun to effect on-air talent as Williams begins to weed out some in the newsroom. Long-time anchor Tim Lake was let go December 7th after his last on-air appearance that night. He had been at CAU for over eleven years. Now, Dawn Timmeney has also been shown the door this past Friday. Word has it that the next individual will be weather guy Dave Warren. An announcement has been made of new hire Nefertiti Jaquez joining the team in January. Jaquez comes from Houston where she has spent the last three years. Prior to that she was here--at FOX29. Also coming on board is Meteorologist Brittney Ship from Phoenix. Shipp starts in January as well and is rumored to be Warren's replacement.


Anonymous said...

I'm so over NBC10. That morning anchor who replaced Terry Ruggles is terrible. Now Tim and Dawn are gone. I find myself watching the other two stations more than ever before. NBC 10 has gone down.

Anonymous said...

Chris Blackman must be rolling on the floor, laughing at what has become of his station. What exists now is "musical chairs" where they always seem to be one person short. The traffic gal, Jillian Mele, is now an anchor as is the sports guy, Vai Sikihema. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

What has happened to nbc10? None of the anchor s or reporters know our area. As soon as I see renee and the london girl I switch to channel6. Its COLD tv. Via now does the news.....No sports. I agree Chris Blackman is laughing his a** off. Only person worth watching is Sheena.