Friday, October 24, 2008

BEAT to the punch

I emailed Laura Nachman to let her know she beat me to the punch on her post today about Dorothy Krysiuk at FOX-29.
The more accurate story in Krysiuk's departure from FOX 29 is that management have been pressing for her to add the 5 o'clock newscast to her daily duties. Currently, Kerri-Lee Halkett has been handling traffic on the 5 o'clock newscast. Krysiuk has resisted and made it clear she wanted no parts of a split shift and having to return in the afternoon. When push came to shove--her contract was not renewed and she chose to exit. Adios to Krysiuk! Her last day is Friday October 31st.
Krysiuk began at Channel 10 doing traffic on their morning newscast and prior to that--was a producer for Metro Networks.
According to Michael Klein's column yesterday--Jamie Schupak will temporarily fill in until a permanent replacement is decided. Schupak has been a fill-in for Bob Kelly at CBS-3 and is probably the "better of" the replacements that fill in from TrafficPulse.


Anonymous said...

never could stand her anyway--glad she's gone.

Rockhopper said...

She was the best person on fox. Stupid management move.

Anonymous said...

She's quite the phoney too. Couldn't think her way out of a paper bag, am sure she'll wind up back on the tube again though but only because she is your typical blonde bimbo.