Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Storm Clouds Over 10

Those storm clouds that loomed over Channel 3 have seemed to move west and have positioned themselves over Channel 10 these days.
Shortly after Vince DeMentri filed suit against CAU as well as former co-anchor Lori Delgado comes word from Michael Klein at the Philadelphia Inquirer that Delgado resigned from NBC10 effective immediately. Word is--"to spend more time with family".
As one poster put it on one of the industry boards, "Larry Mendte, CHECK; Alycia Lane, CHECK; Vince DeMentri, CHECK; Lori Delgado, CHECK". The controversy just seems to go on and on and on. A web poll on asks who has more drama, channel 3; channel 10 or "just sick of all the drama, period"...and the masses voted channel 3, followed by "sick of the drama" with channel 10 limping in last.
The story is HERE.

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