Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Look Back...

With the upcoming changes just a few weeks off at Channel 10 (an improved set and graphics package as well as going HD) -- I thought it would be fun to reach into the video vault and share!
Let's take a look back at the "Channel 10 News at 6" from twenty-one years ago. The year was 1987. The anchor team was Stan Stovall and Alan Frio...and the reporters in the clip are Dennis Woltering and Stephanie Stahl.
Stovall is now at WBAL-TV in Baltimore; Woltering is back in his hometown of New Orleans at WWL-TV and Alan Frio is at WSMV-TV in Nashville. Of course, Stahl has been at KYW's CBS3 since leaving Channel 10.


Anonymous said...

VERY NEAT! This was back in the day when Channel 10 actually covered news well with authoritative, likeable news people.

BA said...

Yeah, it's unbelievable. Back when 10 was a CBS affiliate, there seemed to be that more serious dedication to the news. Funny how it has slipped so far from that focus.
But even weirder is the phrase "21 years ago" god, could it actually be that long?