Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One More Christmas Station

WOGL-FM flipped the "jolly switch" this morning at 6:08 to debut their "Christmas Classic Station" format through Christmas day. The weekend specialty shows will continue to air as scheduled, however. B-101 and 97-Now both air all-Christmas, all the time and KYW 1060 is streaming the Christmas hits online. Also, WHAT-AM has jumped into the well as Wilmington's 99.5-WJBR as one poster has informed me.


Anonymous said...

99.5 WJBR in Wilmington which can be heard in the metro Philly area is also playing all Christmas music.

Anonymous said...

There was a a before 9/11 when stations built up to Christmas with a song here and there--then maybe two an was exciting and added to the whole mystique of Christmas. Now, it's just too much, no excitement to it. What a shame how the media can influence