Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mendte Coverage on FOX29

FOX-29 covered the Mendte story again last night on their 10 o'clock broadcast reporting his trial begins Monday. Also, that his attorney is requesting Mendte serve no prison time. As the story unfolded the first three minutes at the top of the newscast--I couldn't help but think how uncomfortable it had to be for anchor Dawn Stensland, wife of Larry Mendte. Thomas Drayton led the newscast with the story -- handing off to Joyce Evans for the toss to her package. It was reported how Mendte is a "Jekyl & Hyde"-- the good guy we all saw reporting the news everynight...the bad guy by the acts he committed. Was Joyce Evans not uncomfortable standing on-set a mere several feet away from Stensland at the anchor desk? All I can say is, "wow". Tense moments!
On the other hand--as I digested the report--I couldn't help but think "how dare Mendte wish not to serve prison time!" His attorney basically feels his time spent performing charity work along with his admission and remorse for his deed makes him a good candidate to not sit in prison BUT to possibly serve house arrest or community service. To this--I think, "unbelievably incredible!". What he did was plain wrong. By apologizing and displaying remorse does not take away the humiliation, the pain, the betrayal of human decency and the damage done to Alycia Lane and the reputation to CBS-3. I normally would keep my opinions to myself and not blog them here. However, this story simply amazes me as each detail surfaces. I ask myself how Stensland can forgive what this man did. Yes, we are to forgive -- but -- wow...the betrayal in this story makes it difficult! This man's insecurity got the best of him and in the process he put the final touches on destroying another's career and broke every privacy act in the process.
It will be interesting how this pans out after Monday November 24th.


Anonymous said...

I hope he gets the slammer and his own personal B*TCH too. Just what this slime ball deserves.

Anonymous said...

don't ya know the Mendte household are jumping for joy. i still say what goes around comes around. Maybe we'll read one day how he committed suicide cause he just couldn't handle it anymore